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London’s Afternoon Teas: See London and Get Caffeinated in Style

Goring Garden

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! London is probably my favorite English speaking city on the planet. I love taking the train from the east in Kent, then taking the tube from the beautiful Victoria Station to Kensington, Soho, Recent Street, Carnaby Street, The British Museum, Camden and Whitechapel, you name it I want to see it. I love to check out the sites, learn about the city’s amazing history, and of course visit…

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7 Excellent Reasons To Start Planning Your Next Vacation Now

“Simply put, we both feel that this was the best, most interesting, and most rewarding trip we have ever taken. (In my case, that includes travel in more than 38 countries, over 57 years.)” – David and Abigail, Michigan, on The Nation’s trip to Cuba Travel is kind of our thing, and to tell the truth, we’re also kind of history nerds, among other things. Taking a fulfilling trip to a far off land can be so much…

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Handy Clothing Advice When It’s Too Hot Inside and Too Cold Outside

When the weather is in that in-between phase when it is neither too hot nor too cold, it can be very difficult to choose what to wear. And sometimes, it feels like it is boiling hot when you are in the office and freezing cold the minute you step outside. Never fear; we are going to give you a few top tips that will help you navigate this difficult balancing act between shivering and sweating! So,…

Feel for Fashion

Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

We’ve all witnessed fashion trends come in and come out.  This is, in many ways, the very nature of fashion… yet there are some trends that keep bouncing back and this article looks at three fashion trends currently making a comeback.   Keeping up with current trends can be a minefield.  Fashion, however, is a curious thing that unlike technology which advances at a phenomenal pace where we are unlikely to see a resurgence of video…


Finesse the Frizz: Styling Curly Hair

Telling people with curly hair that their hair looks better straightened should be a criminal offense.’ Curly-haired Twitter users recently shared the sometimes awful unwanted advice some people give on their hair. Being different in a sea of straight hair, it can be tempting to want to fit in; however with the right products and styling, there’s no need to blend in with the crowd.   Get the fundamentals right Before turning to styling, make sure you know…


Dress To Impress: Men’s Style Tips For Every Occasion

When we say every occasion, we are speaking specifically about those times when you need to make an impression. What you wear says a lot about you as a person, be that a social soiree, your first date, or that dreaded job interview. While there is room for personal preference here and there, we have some tried and tested tips to help you dress to impress for when it matters the most.   Dress To Impress…

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10 Easy & Effective Ways You Can Boost Your Health

If there’s one thing that we all want to make sure we can take control of, it’s our own health levels. By now, you’ll probably already know that you’re the one in control of your own happiness levels, and you choose your own path in life. But when it comes to your health, you may think that it’s set in stone, that your body is built the way it is, and that if you’re going to…

Entertaining events

Organise a Party Like a Pro

From time to time and when the occasions call for it, we like to throw parties for our friends and family. Parties are great events to get together with your loved ones, reconnect and have a great time. Parties are fun but organising them can be a tad daunting. There is a lot of planning, getting the right supplies, choosing the perfect venue and so much more that goes into organising a party to remember. The…


Unusual USA City Breaks

If you were asked to think of a potential destination for a city break in the US, where would you think of? Like most people, your mind would probably immediately move to the best-known cities. You’d suggest Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Miami, Los Angeles— and there’s no doubt that these cities are all wonderful to visit. However, the US is a truly huge country, and if you’re looking for a city break, then why not…