equnix hoodie

Sloane Rouge: Travel Inspired Artwear Clothing


Sloane Rouge is a travel inspired clothing company that focuses their style on being comfortable, relaxed and trendy in places all over the world. They combine a sort of hippie gypsy look with some high fashion lines we’ll just call “sloppy-chic artwear”. I like their pieces for their ability to fit into many situations, from sitting around airports to going to a party. Their current collection has a range of warm, cool and awesome pieces…


dur-doux – Future Shock


The 2015 collection from dur-doux is a great mix of futuristic dresses and lines, mixed with a splashing of regional patterns and cuts. It reminds me of the clueless upper class population of the city in Blade Runner, and their inner city gypsy counterparts. For me it envokes a science fiction feel and I like it! Born and raised in Tallahasee, Florida, dur-doux designer, Najla Burt, was surrounded by creativity and always enjoyed experimenting with her…


Pamela Quinzi – AKA The Cinderella of New York


Princess Pamela! Have you met Pamela Quinzi yet? During Fall 2013 Fashion Week I had the pleasure of attending fashion designer, Pamela Quinzi’s Kilami Collection Show. I was thrilled, being such a shoe fanatic, as you know! I planned everything just…


Chunky Turtleneck


When I travel, I try to pack a few staples that I know I can mix and match with several outfits. But how about traveling in winter…to colder destinations? I have trouble finding a point where I’m warm and can still look chic. I want to be able to layer…


Winter Layers {Style Post}


Baby, it IS cold outside…but it is possible to be cute and warm, lol! Here is a little Winter Layer Inspiration!     Winter Layers 2015 by lovelyuboutique featuring a bracelet bangle    


Kandi Beadz – Colorful Festival Inspired Jewelry with a Message!


The idea for Kandi Beadz came from an electronic festival and what a great idea it is! These unique, colorful pieces are one step beyond the popular tradeable pony beaded bracelets found at festivals around the world by adding extra elements of fun, safety and quality! Whimsically crafted with LED super bright bulbs running through a stretchy cord, this multi-sized and textured pony beaded bracelet emits shine and color, perfectly completing your look. A closure knob…


Photobooks in Fashion: Your Look Book & You


It has been said that print media is dead. But maybe revisiting the era of high-gloss pictures and hardcovers is just what we need to add that extra umph to our work. For decades, fashion writers, designers, photographers and enthusiasts have used photo…

D&G cardigan / Braccialini bag / True Religion jeans 

How Denim Saved the Holidays


I’ve had a crazy month, and not only due to Christmas. For the last 2 years we’ve been going to Miami in December to visit friends. Going out every night for 2 weeks while attempting to look as fit as everyone else in the city can be trying. If it wasn’t for my jeans, I don’t think I’d have survived. Once we came home, the holiday madness began around here, and again, my durable, comfortable…


The Magic Maxi


The after holiday weight has settled in + styling my new ’food baby’ is THE WORST! This weekend I worked a pop-up event for Les Méchantes + refused to let the food baby show. It took 45 minutes, nearly all my clothes on the floor + an act of god…

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