Time to bundle up! How to choose a ski jacket for your body type


Sometimes there’s nothing more joyous that hitting the slopes and sashaying (or skiing) down all that fresh, powdery snow. If the sun’s out, it’s an exhilarating experience — but only if you’re warm, dry and wearing the right gear that suits your shape and helps you move freely. Dressing for extreme weather can be a huge drain on your bank balance if you don’t get it right first time. So here are some tips on…


Move Over Skinny Jeans: New Silhouette Edit


While my devotion to the skinny jeans has been formidable, lately I’ve been jonesing to expand my denim style palette. And I’ve added the boyfriend, and the high rise flares to my rotation. Recently,  I was fortunate to find two pairs of 9os Levi’s….

Athleisure 7

Athleisure, And I Love It


I know what you all are saying to yourselves, Finally we get to wear our athletic gear as a fashion statement and people won’t think it’s a fashion faux pas. My answer to you all is YES!!! For many of my beautiful people that live in their athletic gear…


Nectar Sunglasses – Retro Originality, Modern Style


I’m sort of addicted to sunglasses as you may have noticed, and I love the original and /or retro styles when I can get them. I’ve been sporting some vintage ‘big eyed’ pink sunnies from the 80s for much of the summer, but the visibility in them is pretty terrible. They’re excellent for covering up tired eyes but not for a whole lot more, so when I got my new Nectar ‘Drift’ sunglasses I was pretty stoked! Mine…

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Pearls for All Occasions


I have never owned pearls, even fake ones, unless you count the yellow beads that resemble pearls that I bought in Deadwood antique shop.  I suppose I never fancied myself fancy enough. I often dress alternatively and I’ve always associated pearls with dressing up – which is true but as I’ve learned not at all the law. I finally sucked it up and decided to be open minded. After all, I often sport a nautical look…


Gorgous, Original Hats Made from Upcycled Scarves


Ever wanted to stand apart with your hat? So many hats out there, for men and women, are just boring old styles in boring old colors, or worse, they’re sports logo or brand logo adorned. I absolutely hate being a walking billboard for a team or clothing company who just pumps out their designed like McDonald’s hamburgers and expects their customers to walk around selling more of their stuff for them. That’s the whole reason we support…


How to Add Some Bling to Your Style


Have you ever looked at your style and dress sense in the mirror and thought there’s something missing? If that’s the case, you probably lack some much-needed bling. This is a great way to jazz up any kind of outfit. So don’t be afraid to make use of these bling ideas to improve your style. Watch What better way to add a bit of glamour and bling to your wardrobe than with a watch? There…


The Fashion Trends I Hope Never Go Out of Style


Fashion can be a cruel mistress sometimes. As soon as you’ve stocked up your wardrobe with all the latest trends, things begin to change again. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion! I just wish some trends would hang around for longer than they do. There needs to be more stylish staples that we can fill our wardrobes with. In the hope that maybe the Fashion Gods are listening, I’ve put together this list. All…


I Wear Glasses: My New Prescription Sunglasses from Firmoo


I’ve never been happy about the fact that I wear glasses. For as long as I can remember I used to neglect them, lose them…I once sat on them by accident as a kid and had to wear broken ones for months. When I was about 23, I finally got contacts.  I couldn’t have been happier til I realized my eyes still needed breaks. When I discovered Firmoo’s ultra affordable prescription sunglasses, all my troubles…

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