Top 10 Engagement Rings That Will Truly Represent Your Love


People always think of weddings as something that happens in the Spring or Summer. This is usually because of the nature surrounding the wedding, and of course, the weather. Even if you have a ceremony indoors, everyone wants to walk past trees filled with leaves and gardens full of flowers on their way to the location. If you’re like me, your more likely to have a wedding out in the open world, surrounded by nature. I don’t…


See 100 Years of Bridal Fashion in Just 3 Minutes


Whether you’re a fashion designer or a student, this might be an alluring idea for you. A time lapse video has been created that allows one to have a glimpse of bridal fashion as it has evolved over the last century. Though there have been drastic changes in fashion in general, it fascinating to see how trends have been changing in bridal fashion over the years.  The video starts with a model wearing a lacy,…

dress quickly

Get Dressed Faster and Better for Work Every Morning: 7 Tips for Women


Getting dressed for work can be troublesome when you don’t have the time to put together a nice outfit. And if you are always in a rush, you might end up wearing the same outfits to work each day! If you are willing to change this, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 7 tips that will help you get dressed faster and better every morning. Declutter Your Closet You’re probably having trouble getting…


Banned Books Week Brings Style and Much Needed Help Thanks to Out Of Print Clothing!


Via I don’t know if you’v ever read a book that was once banned, but some of my favorite books have had a sorted past and it means so much to be able to enjoy them still. It’s actually “Banned Books Week” and one of my favorite clothing companies, Out of Print Clothing, is not only having a big sale on their Banned Books collection where you can get socks, a tote bag a a note…


The Hat Hypothesis


Hi everyone! How are you? So there I was at the movies the other day when I reached an interesting conclusion: any outfit can be improved by adding the right hat. Sounds basic, right? It’s fashion 101, but at the same time, hats are not the most popular…


Time to bundle up! How to choose a ski jacket for your body type


Sometimes there’s nothing more joyous that hitting the slopes and sashaying (or skiing) down all that fresh, powdery snow. If the sun’s out, it’s an exhilarating experience — but only if you’re warm, dry and wearing the right gear that suits your shape and helps you move freely. Dressing for extreme weather can be a huge drain on your bank balance if you don’t get it right first time. So here are some tips on…


Move Over Skinny Jeans: New Silhouette Edit


While my devotion to the skinny jeans has been formidable, lately I’ve been jonesing to expand my denim style palette. And I’ve added the boyfriend, and the high rise flares to my rotation. Recently,  I was fortunate to find two pairs of 9os Levi’s….

Athleisure 7

Athleisure, And I Love It


I know what you all are saying to yourselves, Finally we get to wear our athletic gear as a fashion statement and people won’t think it’s a fashion faux pas. My answer to you all is YES!!! For many of my beautiful people that live in their athletic gear…


Nectar Sunglasses – Retro Originality, Modern Style


I’m sort of addicted to sunglasses as you may have noticed, and I love the original and /or retro styles when I can get them. I’ve been sporting some vintage ‘big eyed’ pink sunnies from the 80s for much of the summer, but the visibility in them is pretty terrible. They’re excellent for covering up tired eyes but not for a whole lot more, so when I got my new Nectar ‘Drift’ sunglasses I was pretty stoked! Mine…

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