A Little Bit Whooga, a little Bit Rock N’ Roll

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I didn’t want to scare you away, so what I really meant to say was Uggs. Now that it’s out there, first let me clear something up that I know is a common assumption, Ugg is not a brand, it is a style of shoe originating in Australia/NZ (Ugg on Wiki).

We all know Uggs never went anywhere, so I wont say they are making a “comeback” – but some of you may remember a day when people bought the boots for their intended purpose, to keep your feet warm and dry as well as being fashionable. Whooga boots have that purpose in mind and is not only offering high quality, comfortable boots but also a variety of colors and styles. Featuring thermo fleece inside and quality stitching, many say they wont bother ever taking them off and attempt long runs of wearing – though they daily run into the task of getting on jeans or new socks and unfortunately the marathon is interrupted (that was made up).

WhoogahI bring up Wooga as a great example of Ugg boots because I used to work at an outdoor store and many of my coworkers wore terrible things like teva sandals with socks and the dreaded Crocks but no body wore Uggs – till one day my coworker Angie walked into work one November, in “no snow” Portland, Oregon, grinning ear to ear.
I rolled my eyes at her fluffy new boots as I often did at that store, but she professed over and over to their comfort and warmth. They were Wooga, not Ugg Australia and were much much better, she claimed. I told her they look the same to me but she pointed out with a floor model of an Ugg that Woogas were thicker, better ventilated, warmer and a total necessity when she went to MtHood on the weekends snowboarding, for fashion reasons as well as functionality around the lodge and her rented cabin, which fireplace heated, could be fairly toe freezing. It was like wearing a snow boot insert but with the actual intention of being walked in. They were easy to get on and off, cozy and fit easily over her snowboarding pants or jeans, depending on where she was at the time.
I decided to give her a break, and let her off as the only person in the store besides me with some shoe-sense.

Her Whoogas were tan, as is commonly seen in Uggs I think but when I took the slight consideration at getting a pair of my own and checked out the Whooga website, I saw not only several color options, including purple, but also a version that had much less sheepskin, leather in general not really being my style. Being knitted, they also reminded me of a nice warm day at home in the rain, cooking pie.. ok.. most likely cupcakes – then heading to my favorite theater pub for some pizza and a beer. Portland gets cold, even if it doesn’t snow and I don’t snowboard, you can’t imagine the horrible wet cold your feet feel all winter long.

My Whooga boots are still holding up nearly a year later and ready for another winter. I decided to write about them because I’m making a serious concideration that these boots will be my Christmas presents to all the ladies in my family who live in snowy and rainy places alike. My friend in LA wants a pair too, I’m thinking the Pewter tall ones will do her well with her Gothic style going on. They also have many of the same women’s styles for men, the boot being naturally unisex, and I may take a chance that my boyfriend will wear some black or grey ones this winter, he may be picker about shoes than I am.

Whooga Boot

They’re a little bit Ugg, a little bit Rock n’ Roll.

Here’s a couple of styles I came up with on polyvore for me and my friend in LA. I think It’ll hook her, especially with the coupon I got for 10% off!

Grey Whooga setBlack Whooga Set

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