Zombie Walk Fashion – Not to be ignored or killed

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In celebration of our newest partner site, Zombie Freakfest, we wanted to post an honorary nod to Zombie Walk fashion.

If you haven’t joined in a Zombie Walk yet, you should!  They are in cities all over the world and are a fun all ages march of a groaning Zombie army.
Here are some of my favorite Zombie Walk pics from the group!

Zombies! – Brazil

By Schimou

Beach of the Dead V

Brighton Zombie Walk 2011
Beach of the Dead V
By Ptr Htn

Zombie Walk – Anhangabaú, Brazil

Zombie Walk 2010
By Diego B. Rodrigues

Urban Zombie, Bologna Italy

urban zombie
By alain729 ♫

Check out Zombie Freakfest (new so bear with them!) and join them on Twitter @zombiefreakfest and Facebook at Facebook.com/zombiefreakfest