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Handmade Graphics for crafty street art lovers

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! I found this book on a weekend trip to Borders books this last weekend; Handmade Graphics: Tools & Techniques Beyond the Mouse. Its pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for for years. A guide book and show of unconventional street inspired art and artists. It has tutorials on how to paint a mural on a wall with spray paint, paint your own custom shoes, bind a…

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Paper Wallet, a Fashionable Earth Day Solution!

No one can deny that everyone is getting really serious about eco friendly style and something that goes hand in hand with eco-fashion these days, is simplicity. Just in time for earth day and in the spirit of saving money (only $9-$13.50 with my promo code streetfashion) and the planet, Paper Wallet is my choice for 2010. Paper Wallet proves you don’t have to be a hippie to be eco friendly. I spent the last 10…


12ozProphet found footage, Dirty Dozen in Brazil

For those of you who don’t know (don’t feel bad, they’re fairly new to me as well) The Dirty Dozen is an eclectic group of about 20 street artists, hipsters, fighters, writers and globetrotters. I stumbled on this clip while looking for street art collectives and was fortunate to find some South American footage from a trip 3 members, Os Gemeos, Raven and Sonic, took in 1997, attacking the streets of a city who knows street…

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Artists RQM & REMED Collaborate on a unique 7″ experience

British artist, RQM has paired up with street artist REMED to give a unique touch to a limited edition run of 84 7" records containing his newest release entitled COLORS FADE. The select 84 of the 100 limited edition 7" records are individual pieces that make a single REMED painting, outlining the entire life span of a relationship - the story was inspired by the song COLORS FADE. Each 7" is available for pre-order with an…


A Very Vinyl X-mas to you!

I love Kidrobot, and particularly Dunny’s. I have about 30 – a meager collection really compared to some but I’m building. Every Christmas Kidrobot releases their x-mas dunny’s and of course I have 3. What I don’t have yet is this years x-mas Dunny, Krunk-a-Claus! He is probably the best one yet as far as holiday Dunny’s go, and WILL be a part of my collection soon, even if I’m on the road in the middle…

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Flying Mouse Designs

I first heard about Flying Mouse (artist Hon Lam) when I bought a t-shirt with his design on it from Threadless.com about a year ago. Since then, he has started his own website and has partaken in a project most designers would call impossible. "The FM 365 Store is the result of Flying Mouse’s (Hon Lam) Project of doing one design per day for a whole year!

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Mexico City Street Art

While in Mexico City and surrounding towns, the people I was with, who live there, didn’t often understand my obsession with street art and fashion. Since they were driving this meant that they only stopped for me to take photos of these things when it was convenient for everyone – understandably since many neighborhoods were not the types you stop in or traffic and parking just didn’t allow that sort of thing. I basically mastered shooting…