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Dress To Impress: Office Staples You Need Now

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! If you have to dress up for work, you probably don’t want to be investing in a brand new wardrobe every season. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on clothing to look the business. By curating a capsule wardrobe, you can ensure you look the part all-year round. If you’re keen to impress, here are some office staples you need now.…


How to Equip the Elderly Abroad

For a variety of reasons, you’ll not see many elderly people traveling abroad. There’s a smattering on package coach tours and a good amount on all-inclusive cruises, but when it comes to marauding around a new country with confidence, the elderly rarely consider independent travel on option. Whether you’re elderly yourself or you’re reading this on behalf of a loved one you’d love to take away or plan for, this article walks you through the equipment…


Shop The Worlds Boutiques Without a Plane Ticket

I think we found the retail version of Street-fashion.net, and it’s exactly what we’ve been wanting to share for the last decade! Every place we love, and all the great boutiques on the streets far and wide.  Get access to interesting boutiques and artisans from around the world at Shoptiques.com. They’re basically our soul mate. Founded by a Harvard Graduate from Kirghistan, just after graduation, Shoptiques is a lovely, curated world of great style and accessories. The prices…


6 Workwear Dos and Don’ts for Men

No matter your office dress code, there are certain things you should never wear to work. While it’s fine to arrive in your cycling gear and change into your bests, you wouldn’t hold a meeting in athletic wear, for example. However obvious the rules of workwear may seem, many people make more than one fashion faux pas in the office. To make sure you always look the part, here are five workwear dos and don’ts to…


The Easiest Ways To Look Good On Your Business Trip

If you’re venturing overseas on a business trip anytime soon, the thought of sweltering in the exotic heat at an all-important meeting with a client can be palpitation inducing. Venturing overseas should be exciting, but if you are heading somewhere hot, balmy and unfamiliar, it can be daunting. You are used to wearing your heavy tweed formal attire and your designer brogues, and enjoy the confidence this gives you when meeting clients. The thought of sweating…


3 Simple Ways To Pull Off The Distinguished Look

For the more mature gentleman, the chances of pulling off a mid-century mod look or a hipster style can be slim. Gray hairs may be sprouting a little more regularly than you would like on top of your head, the wrinkles may be deepening every time you spy them in the mirror, and your youthful glow may be morphing into a more distinguished and mature hue. There’s nothing wrong with this, and it is all part…

Tips and hacks

How to Start Your Own Fashion Label

Fashion is a creative outlet much like any other art; the only difference is that it is very lucrative. The luxury market is valued at 339.4 billion USD worldwide. Womenswear and menswear are prominent, and then you have the bridal market, children’s wear, and sports footwear, accessories, jewelry, and so much more. These numbers reach trillions, and the fashion industry itself is responsible for nearly 60 million jobs. The fashion industry is one of the most…

Tips and hacks

3 Ways to Save Enough Money to Travel

Travel is something that many people enjoy and a luxury that many others hope that they will one day be able to afford. This could be because of the many treasures that each destination has to offer, the beauty that can be discovered in each country and the different kinds of people you have the opportunity of meeting. One thing that often stops people from traveling as regularly as they’d like to is a lack of…


Expanding Your Style by Exploring the World

One of the best ways to broaden your horizons and get a fresh new perspective on your looks is to take a trip around the world and check out the current state of fashion at some popular – and not so popular – locations. There are plenty of places to explore if your goal is to come back with a better taste and some new ideas for your appearance, and you don’t even have to be…