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Banned Books Week Brings Style and Much Needed Help Thanks to Out Of Print Clothing!

Via Mediaphilebooks.com I don’t know if you’v ever read a book that was once banned, but some of my favorite books have had a sorted past and it means so much to be able to enjoy them still. It’s actually “Banned Books Week” and one of my favorite clothing companies, Out of Print Clothing, is not only having a big sale on their Banned Books collection where you can get socks,…


Pamela Quinzi – AKA The Cinderella of New York

Princess Pamela! Have you met Pamela Quinzi yet? During Fall 2013 Fashion Week I had the pleasure of attending fashion designer, Pamela Quinzi’s Kilami Collection Show. I was thrilled, being such a shoe fanatic, as you know! I planned everything just…

Thermochromatic Grid Tee
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American Apparel Finds Retro Gold with Thermochromatic Tops

Back in the heyday of slap bracelets, sideways ponytails and neon, was the king of cool, Hyper Color tees. They were on every kids wishlist but unfortunately expensive and some of us could only dream, while others thought they were a myth entirely. Now, with the arise of Neon to main stream fashion’s forefront, with it comes reminders for those of us from a time of the Hypercolor Tee.…

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Lumi Printing: Print Tees or Art at Home, With the Power of the Sun

I couldn’t be more excited about this. I have always wanted to, and tried to, silk screen my own tees with little to no success and pretty much no interest in really investing in some of the expensive equipment needed to do it right. I was always fine with one or two color prints, using a screen, ink and light in my closet, but as I started to travel…


Barneys New York Spring 2012 Model Talk

Barneys New York has come up with a pretty cool idea this Spring to showcase some of their newest collections. A video with a fun and interesting dialogue with the models wearing said collection on the set of the photoshoot. I’m not one to spend too much time on a high fashion website, fawning over things I can’t afford but I sat and watched all the clips and it…


Don’t Let a Designer Name Fool You

Recently I was a surprised by an email I received about a new jewelry line, by a well known existing company – an fairly expensive company normally, and in the email was jewelry that looked exactly like a much more affordable company from the U.K. The jewelry in the email is Wildfox, a company who’s stuff I always like – and although I usually refuse to pay $90 for a tee shirt and…