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Mexico Blog Love

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! We were recently contacted by a blog in Mexico about a link swap. Finding out about blogs or shops in Mexico is not something that happens very often and when I was there last I didnt have much time to shop in Mexico City.  Cool Hunter Mexico – www.coolhuntermx.com is a great example of a street fashion blog for many reasons. They’re really original in their presentation,…


London Street Fashion Blog to Watch!

Hoy Fashion is a fashion blog documenting Street Style in Liverpool, Manchester & London. check them out and take a look at our London Street Fashion Page!   http://www.hoyfashion.co.uk/

Blog Alert: Streetaholic Shanghai

Shanghai Street Fashion has always interested me. A couple of my favorite group members are from Shanghai and I always admired their color use and expressiveness with both older or more simple designs as well as new ones, sometimes combined.   Check out this blog from Shanghai, Streetaholic, full of photos taken on the streets, in the parks and deep in the alleys of this amazing city. The photos are great, taken by a commercial photographer…


Advanced Cupcakeing

My roommate bought me a cupcake decorating book form urban outfitters the other day and it just so happened that my moms birthday was coming up. I made this cupcake tower in a pink and brown theme with chocolate wafer sticks, boston baked beans and banana runts for the flames. I had to hold the thing on a plate in a car for an hour to get it to her house but it was worth it.…

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Format change? dunnys? dresses?!

I made a twitter a couple weeks ago but didnt think of adding it to this blog so all of you can see what Im up to, but now i have! Take a look, updates are on the sidebar towards the top or you can add me directly at http://twitter.com/katdelgado . I know I havent been much of a personality in this blog, Ive been trying to keep it fairly unbias and community based but since…


Keeping Street Fashion Fresh

Originality One of the biggest problems with any great style is if it becomes too popular it becomes a trend. This isn’t necessarily horrible, but in most cases, and in most places, trends can ruin the feeling of originality people have when they create their own style. Honestly, there’s probably not many original things people can come up with anymore which is why printed t-shirts featuring original art manage to maintain popularity. Fashion can imitate art…

Blog Intros Street Fashion

Euro Street Art, Fashion and Culture TV!

Flake TV, an online TV channel that covers Street Fashion, Street Art, Art, Music and all creative culture, caught our eyes and interest with their collection of awesome and informative videos. The newest and greatest additions to world street fashion and street art culture is stylishly exposed in each installment by a variety of knowledgeable hosts from around the world. More and more, independent online programming, blogging and communities are becoming the only (untainted by mass…

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Another Contest!? Already!? YES!

TELL THREADLESS YOUR STORY Threadless, Fray.com, Blurb.com and Stephen Tobolowsky Challenge Designers to Incorporate True Stories Into Works of Art Community-centric tee shirt company Threadless.com is asking designers to turn the true stories of their lives into works of art in its latest “Loves” campaign. To help lead the way, Threadless has partnered up with original, personal storytelling site Fray.com, self-publishing site Blurb.com, and the film Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party, written by and starring famous character…

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Stumptown Style

So, My first Street Fashion photo from Portland Oregon! Of course, I forgot to ask his name.. where he got his clothes.. everything I know better than to forget, but I got nervous. Anyways, YAY! The faux fur vest caught my eye first of course but it became clear there were no accidents in what he was wearing. I struggled a bit to subdue my flash (I’m getting used to digital again after losing my last…