Sugar Art and Fashion Show Phoenix


Sugar Art and Fashion Show happened in sunny Phoenix last Friday without a hitch and in glittering style. The event, arranged by an independent set of women and made possible by volunteer mp and hair artists, and a collection of local artists who make it all possible. Not many people showed up but that just made it all the easier for photographers and fashion lovers to have a front row seat. Three music guests paved…

richards nyc

Designer of the Week: Sara Richards and her F/W 2013 Collection


RICHARDS was founded in 2012 by designer Sarah Leslie Richards, debuting with a S/S 13 collection that features printed silk garments dominated by a range of brilliant greens. RICHARDS explores the possibilities of print design and its interactions with digital technology. Classic shirting silhouettes act as a natural canvas for the captivating prints. In the F/W 2013 RICHARDS collection, Sara Richards uses bright colors, photo surrealistic imagery and nature themes, similar to her S/S collection.…

Yours Truly - Women's Street Wear

Sindustries – Yours Truly 2013 Collection


Yours Truly Brand is doing it ALL wrong! Women in streetwear is a dying breed, and rightfully so. Fads and trends die, but style will always remain. Owner & Creative director, Jenny Musitano continues to make moves with her brand while keeping the style consistent. If that’s not a reason to support her, perhaps being the only, all women’s streetwear brand hailing from Brooklyn is. Founded in 2007, Yours Truly Brand continues to put Women’s…

amazonas our legacy

Designer of the Week: Our Legacy, Swedish Menswear


Our Legacy: Post-Modern Honesty Our Legacy is a Swedish men’s clothing brand which has drawn much of its design influence from Basquiat and Marcel Duchamp, looking to the artists for inspiration when creating their comprehensively simple line of relaxed fit shirts, knits, suits, footwear and tees. There’s an attitude about Our Legacy which suggests that they know how good their clothes are and feel no compunction about saying so. Lines entitled ‘Great Sweats’ and ‘Perfect…

Jack and Jones

Designer of the Week: Jack and Jones


Jack and Jones Jack and Jones have a line for every style of fashion-forward man. Founded in 1989, they have become one of Europe’s leading producers of menswear. With five lines expressing different styles and expressions of fashion and functionality, Jack and Jones’s mission is to make it easy for men to create their own distinct style within the current trends. Originals  This line takes its influence from the current trend, making it the line…

Soya Clothing

Designer of the Week: SOYU – Creative, Eastern Inspired, Art from England


British street fashion brand, SOYU, caught my eye with their striking original designs created by extremely talented artists. Each design bringing together eastern and western culture through art and fashion “with the force of a Bruce Lee kick to your face”, as they would say. Selling limited edition zodiac prints, quote inspired tees and handing out free cell phone wallpapers, they have a great variety of original and hard to come by designs in various…

Rosy Toes Designs

Natural & Eco-Style Accessories from Rosy Toes Designs


This winter is going to be a cold one, although a late one for much of the country. It will prove wise to start your winter shopping – or winter gift shopping sooner than later for many reasons (if you haven’t already) and you won’t regret spending your shopping money on handmade gifts. An almost certain win for any recipient, items made by hand, with care and skill, will always be more appreciated than something…

Nautical Winter 2012

Men’s Nautical Winter Style 2012


I’m feeling quite nautical lately, but then I’ve always been attracted to the sea. Not sunny beaches and warm surf, but ships on choppy waters, pirates and sea creatures of all kinds. For Winter 2012 I’m seeing nautical themes everywhere, stripes, dark blues and wool caps, everywhere and I wanted to share my favorite finds for men’s nautical winter styles so far. There were many to choose from but I picked the four that I…

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