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Styling Your Man’s Shirt and Blazer

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! You’ve wasted enough time trying on a range of different dresses, but it’s time to style your man. The staple men’s blazer and shirt outfit has been at the forefront of men’s fashion for decades. From casual get-togethers to formal affairs, this look has carried men effortlessly through almost every style of event — but are you maximising its full potential?   If you’re looking for the…


6 Workwear Dos and Don’ts for Men

No matter your office dress code, there are certain things you should never wear to work. While it’s fine to arrive in your cycling gear and change into your bests, you wouldn’t hold a meeting in athletic wear, for example. However obvious the rules of workwear may seem, many people make more than one fashion faux pas in the office. To make sure you always look the part, here are five workwear dos and don’ts to…


The Easiest Ways To Look Good On Your Business Trip

If you’re venturing overseas on a business trip anytime soon, the thought of sweltering in the exotic heat at an all-important meeting with a client can be palpitation inducing. Venturing overseas should be exciting, but if you are heading somewhere hot, balmy and unfamiliar, it can be daunting. You are used to wearing your heavy tweed formal attire and your designer brogues, and enjoy the confidence this gives you when meeting clients. The thought of sweating…


3 Simple Ways To Pull Off The Distinguished Look

For the more mature gentleman, the chances of pulling off a mid-century mod look or a hipster style can be slim. Gray hairs may be sprouting a little more regularly than you would like on top of your head, the wrinkles may be deepening every time you spy them in the mirror, and your youthful glow may be morphing into a more distinguished and mature hue. There’s nothing wrong with this, and it is all part…


Dressing With More Confidence – Tips For Men

You can afford all of the best fashion design brands, those that the top of the A-list celebrities will enjoy wearing on the red carpet, or perhaps wear trends that are even yet to hit the vogue, beautiful and resplendent in their masculine charm. However, if you haven’t the confidence to walk within those clothes, they are cheapened, and so are you. The clothes do not make the man, but the man does make the clothes.…


How To Give Every Man A Better Complexion

Healthy skin is essential for men and women who want to look fashionable. The routine for healthy skin shouldn’t differ much regardless of gender, but the causes of unhealthy skin certainly do. If you are or know a gentleman looking to improve their skin, consider these tips about healthier eating habits, the need for exercise to reduce the risk of skin conditions, and the usefulness of moisturizing and hydrating skin to prevent premature wrinkles and aging. Track The…


Fashion Tips for Stylish Dads

Becoming a father is sure to change you, but that doesn’t have to mean losing your sense of style. While there may not always be time to pick out your outfits each morning, and though you might find your favorite jeans forever changed by all manner of child-related stains, there’s no need to neglect your appearance completely. Your wardrobe can (and will) adapt to your lifestyle; it just needs a little help. Whether you’re a new…


Dress To Impress: Men’s Style Tips For Every Occasion

When we say every occasion, we are speaking specifically about those times when you need to make an impression. What you wear says a lot about you as a person, be that a social soiree, your first date, or that dreaded job interview. While there is room for personal preference here and there, we have some tried and tested tips to help you dress to impress for when it matters the most.   Dress To Impress…

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Top 5 Gym Brands to Look out for 2018

2018 has brought a lot of new advancements in the sportswear industry. New activewear that can enhance performance, better durability and matching current trends. Although most people stick with the big brands like Nike and Adidas for their gym wear, for some, if everyone is wearing similar brand it doesn’t offer temptation to buy the same labels. Luckily there are a lot of gym brands that are up and coming, if you want to stand out…