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Juma Peacock Scarf
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Juma Scarves Are My Winter Dream

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! I fell in love with Juma scarves before they released their 2011 Collection of beautiful, original and huge neck wear, and with the new set of breathtaking pieces, in a theme of a dreamy Africa… I’m smitten. Juma is a company made up of world travelers and beauty seekers. Don’t be jealous, when you see their designs you will understand why it’s necessary that some of us are more…


Carrot Clothing Spring 2010

Carrot Clothing’s spring line is a great mix of skate, street and the middle finger. Each design true to the nature of the tee and even truer to the nature of the street. In addition to their main Spring 2010 line they also choose to go a direction  reminiscent  of the founder himself and his experiences, both as an artist and as a person. The first thing that made this company particularly interesting was its back…

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A Bagslag’s Dream!

I was recently contacted by this company as I often am, but what stood out first was their name. Bagslag is one of the most clever names I've heard in a while for a company, especially a bag company. I haven't actually seen a bagslag bag but aside from the name being so clever, their designs are pretty clever as well.