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Lumi Printing: Print Tees or Art at Home, With the Power of the Sun

I couldn’t be more excited about this. I have always wanted to, and tried to, silk screen my own tees with little to no success and pretty much no interest in really investing in some of the expensive equipment needed to do it right. I was always fine with one or two color prints, using a screen, ink and light in my closet, but as I started to travel around more, this became unrealistic and messy…

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Gucci Plans to Create Biodegradable Sunglasses – for how long exactly?

In a very late but appreciated attempt to join the 21st century, Gucci is releasing sunglasses made from a biodegradable material called “liquid wood” as well as recycled metal and mineral glass lenses. As an alternative to plastic, liquid wood is a composite of bio-based substances, such as wood fiber from sustainably-managed forests and lignin extracted from paper and candle wax during manufacturing processes. Although biodegradable fashion is definitely the future of manufacturing, and designers of all kids…

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Exclusive Street-Fashion.net Reader Promo from Tobi.com!

Super Announcement: Our newest buddy in the fashion world, the awesome street fashion resource, Tobi.com, is giving our beloved Street-Fashion readers a 20% OFF PROMO CODE, JUST FOR US! Just use the code STREET20 on any site purchase and get this amazing deal! Who is Tobi? Tobi is an amazing leader in the Street Style industry. Founded in San Francisco, they feature a huge variety of well known and less known companies, and all the hottest…

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Juma Scarves Are My Winter Dream

I fell in love with Juma scarves before they released their 2011 Collection of beautiful, original and huge neck wear, and with the new set of breathtaking pieces, in a theme of a dreamy Africa… I’m smitten. Juma is a company made up of world travelers and beauty seekers. Don’t be jealous, when you see their designs you will understand why it’s necessary that some of us are more fortunate than others. Juma is a brother and sister…

Andres - Argentina - Paper Wallet Designer Series
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Paper Wallet Designer Series are Here!

Finally! We wrote a blog post about Paper Wallets back in April (here), anxiously awaiting their designer series (not that their solids aren’t great), and they informed us of their release this week! If you didn’t read it, you can, or heres a run down: Paper Wallets is a company dedicated to eco solutions, and innovation. Their thin “paper” wallets are durable, water resistant, flexible and spacious. They wont tear without a beating, or bulk up your already…

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So it’s earth day! What’s the earthy thing to do?

Buy nothing at all today, because consumerism is part of the reason we need an earth day. THEN. Buy Vintage tomorrow! Vintage is one of the most earth friendly things you can buy. Not only was little to no energy used in preparing the vintage piece for resale but more than one person is using a single manufactured item rather than one item being created for each person. New items take manufacturing, employees using precious energy…

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There are Environmentally Friendly Fashion that’s not embarrassing to wear?!

Yes. There are several! I recently bought a recent issue of metropop showing a short list of high end and mid range designers who are turning their industry in a more eco friendly direction. I’ve compiled a list and a run down so the next time you shop on ebay, a local boutique or Street Market, you’ll remember these Environmentally Friendly Fashion companies. Gilded Age Jeans www.gildedage.net/ “Handcrafted line inspired by the craftsmanship of the Gilded…