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Fashion Feeling?: Crocs ARE NOT OK

So… I’m a little behind with mainstream trends, I try to divert my attention to more meaningful things. Things that don’t remind me of everything I hate about a celebrity driven/idolizing culture of reality TV shows, $4000 purses and well, Crocs. I don’t have a working TV and I don’t really want one. I rent netflix and watch some shows on Hulu. I might not be the best pop culture reference for all your tabloid inspired needs (if you have them) but I know exactly what I like and dont like and I keep up with the underground, the BEST place art and fashion comes from. Due to my lack of paying attention to current “popular” trends, I just now found out about these boots Crocs is making and had to say my piece. This is more of a rant than anything.

I don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to puke at peoples feet in Portland, let alone all the other places I’ve seen people wearing Crocs like they’re actually wearable fashion. They are pieces of fucking plastic with holes in them, they are bulky, come in ugly colors and the company has willingly made a FOOL of its customers, especial those who suffer from “WTF do I wear?! Tell me Home and Garden!”.

I do go off the deep end sometimes but I honestly cannot accept “But they’re comfortable!” as an excuse for fashion heresy. They are made out of the same material they make floaty key chains out of for boaters and sure, this in convenient for swimming but you don’t see people wearing Aqua Socks around town do you? (although I like those now and hated them in the 90s). If you have to wear them keep them poolside and away from my sensitive eyes. I have similar opinions about Uggs but once Crocs came out ( I worked at outdoor stores while both of these shoes were released up on the world) I was successfully distracted from Uggs. Now I don’t care one way or another about Uggs, I guess I’m just desensitized. Cute little asian girls and your mom both wear Uggs quite nicely. I still wouldn’t wear them but I’m obviously VERY picky about footwear.

Anyways, today my fears were reignited as I discovered Crocs is making “Ugg like anorak wannabe boots”. They look like rain boots whose guts are exploding and leaking out all sides but really you know what they are? Crocks with the holes NOT punched out and a nasty looking piece of “suede and faux fur” attached where  formerly was only shame..( from wearing Crocs). Now one can embarrass themselves and their entire family with these lovely numbers!

I guess I could say that like Aqua Socks and Uggs, I’ll get over it but now with the release of this horrible little numbers, my desensitization has been set back at least another 5 years. Good job Crocs!