RETAIL: A Fashion Retail Parody Web Series

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“Welcome to the Stanford & Mitch team! Let’s learn about how to be cool and respect each other!”

The web series “RETAIL” is a hilarious take on working fashion retail at one of the many “mall hot spots” or, as you might get the impression from parts of the series, American Apparel itself. I worked retail for years and although I didn’t have the exact experience as in a Stanford & Mitch retail location, the situations are not far from the truth, with a comedic edge.

Here’s a couple videos in the series of 7 that will either remind you of retail life, or know what you can loof forward to! – See the whole series here! *language *NSFW

Uploaded by: titlewave Director: Derek Baynham Writer/Actor: Kelly May

RETAIL – S&M Training Video – watch more funny videos

RETAIL – The Morning Routine – watch more funny videos