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How to Prolong the Life of Your Expensive Yoga Pants

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! Image via Matt Madd, Flickr Once you invest in a luxury pair of gym pants, you will find yourself asking why you ever wore anything else and knowing for sure that you will never go back to wearing cheaper brands. From the feel of the material to the way it fits your body, the patterns and colours it comes in and how comfortable you feel when you…

Fitness gift guide

SF Gift Guide #3: Workout Junkies, Yoga Nuts, and Ronda Rousy Fans

I’m not a HUGE workout fan but I do love Ronda Rousy and I know more Yoga fanatics and workout junkies than I can throw a book at (is that how that saying goes?). I’ve had to buckle down and get real with the kinds of gifts I get my health fanatic friends and rather than try and figure them out on some deeper level, or get them really meaningful and important gifts, I’ve realized, that’s…


A Winter Fitness Regime and What To Wear

What to wear for a winter fitness routine may sound trivial, and I thought so too til I discovered the benefits of quality leggings and a warm, insulated hoodie. I used to just wear my hiking shoes, a winter coat and whatever layers of leggings and pants I could findĀ for my long hikes or trail runs on cold days. It was uncomfortable, cumbersome and often left me with chafing legs, or snags on my nice winter…