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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – New and Old Hair Styles on the Street

Making a statement with your hair can be a detrimental part of your overall look, or a distraction - but usually in a good way. Not everyone wants to bleach their hair, then dye it a bright color - maybe if it wasn't so damaging to your hair and a sort of semi-long term condition. Whether sporting new and old hair styles, there are lots of options for short term hair craziness that don't require so…

Pink Street Fashion Hair
hair photos

Photos of the day: Hair Day, Shades of Pink

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! My hair has been everything from green to red to almost white (right now) and of all the colors I’ve had, pink is my favorite but with many unnatural colors, it can be really high maintenance. Lately I’ve been debating whether to go pink again, even a streak, but when you have light hair it can be a really permanent decision because it never truly washes out.…

hair photos

Photo(s) of the Day: A Hair Day

Photo of: Elis By¬†Gabriella Chame I don’t usually post photos of hair but I had to appreciate this. I had that same hair cut in high school and if I have any skill whatsoever I would have dyed my hair the same. Even today when I dye my hair a bright color, usually red or pink, I’m too lazy to completely bleach my hair, (not to mention all the lessons learned from bleaching my hair). At…