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Nerdsday: 8 Bit Sunglasses of Awesome – Have Arrived!

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! Possibly you remember when I wrote a blog about Russian company, Samal Design,  producing a series of super expensive sunglasses with 8 bit style frames (here). In my opinion they weren’t all that special. Of course quality of lens can make a huge difference but not a $500 vs. $7.99 difference. I’ll take the $7.99 ones please. I knew it would only be a matter of time…

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Nerdsday: Customize Your Tee From Your iPhone

The world’s first programmable t-shirt exists. If you never thought all that awesome shit from the future (movie futures) would happen, you were dead wrong. Every day crazy new technology is being discovered, and even fashion is getting in on it. If it is possible, humans will find a way, eventually. From your phone you can change the tee’s design to your latest tweet or status, take photos, share photos, share music and more. The t-shirt…

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Nerdsday: Out of Print Clothing – Tee’s & Accessories for Book Nerds!

When I discovered Out of Print Clothing, I just about blew my paycheck…but, I do have some restraint. I did however immediately order two items representing two of my favorite books of all time (Animal Farm and The Outsiders) and added another several to my pinterest collections for later drooling and summer wardrobe buys. Almost all of us have read several of  “the classics” (at least in the U.S), even if they were forced onto us by…

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Nerdsday – Tennis Anyone?

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