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Seniors Love to Work Their Own Style Too

When it comes to fashion, it’s easy to think only of the world’s youth and disregard that older people also enjoy looking good and showing off their own style. Sure, street fashion might sound like it’s for the younger people of society. But in reality, it’s just the collection of styles you see all around you – and that includes seniors too. Don’t forget that older citizens have seen…

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The Best Way to Experience Portland is by Bike

It’s warm. It’s sunny (sometimes) and it’s time for Bike City, Portland Oregon to awake! Although, in reality Portlanders are tough, we don’t even use umbrellas, and we don’t stop riding our bikes just because it’s cold and rainy. However, the nice weather will mean more bikes on the road, more tourism and more bike rentals happening in this awesome, bike friendly city! Portland is a quirky place. If…

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Tata Tops – Let Fashion Usher in a New Topless Trend

This is not what it seems When first notified I would be writing a ‘fashion’ article I was less than thrilled.  Firearms , sure.  Politics , absolutely.  Technology , I’m there.  But fashion ?  Not exactly in my headlights, as…

Photo by Robynlou Kavanagh / Flickr
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Taboo Topics in Fashion

You might think that a subject so fluffy as fashion would not have anything controversial about it, no taboo topics. You would quickly realize that is a wrong assumption with some research into this flamboyant and entertaining industry. There are indeed taboo topics in fashion, read on! Remarkable Markup Did you know that most garments cost pennies to make en masse? While it is true that hand worked, truly…

Dita Von Teese in 3D printed dress
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Dita Von Teese Wears World’s First 3D Printed Dress

Burlesque dancer and fashion icon Dita Von Teese debuted the world’s first fully 3D-printed dress at the Ace Hotel in New York City. The dress was created virtually. Schmidt designed the entire dress on his iPad and communicated with Bitonti through Skype during the process of imagining 17 unique pieces and 3,000 joints that let the dress move with the body. The biggest challenge in creating the dress was…

Patty's Closet - Portland Oregon
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Patty’s Closet – Nob Hill, Portland Grand Opening

Patty’s Closet will be opening their doors for the first time in Oregon this weekend, starting the celebration Saturday (12/10) at 10am, where shoppers will get 20% off their entire purchase, and goody bags will be handed out to the first 50 people to make purchases! With their roots and several locations in Las Vegas, Patty’s Closet will be the new kid on the trendy NW 23 block with…

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Vice Photo Contest for Fashionistas

Vice Magazine and Scion car company are getting together to offer a pretty great photo contest to its readers, fans and well, basically anyone who is told about the contest.   Lucky for you, Im telling you! The categories are portrait, events and photojournalism. This can include street fashion photos of course, concerts, fashion shows, or anything covering an event or scene. The prizes are pretty great and worth…

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Finals week~

I really wish I had more time to post but I’m consistently overwhelmed by homework and actual paying work. I could really use some help! Any of you writers out there have a scene, style or art form you’d like blog about let me know! Till then, you’ll just have to wait till Finals are over, then I’ll be on the road taking pictures around the west coast so…