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5 Trends You Should Try and why Bingo is the newest fad!

Lucy Menindes – June 1st 2016 Do you always stay geared up to try out things that are trending and making news around the world? As the world changes and economies grow, more and more people love to keep themselves updated with the hottest trends in town. Following newness can give you a great feeling of being up to date,…

Florida Coast Beach
Tips and hacks

Memorial Weekend Skin Care Tips To Remember

  For most of the country Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of the summer travel, swimming and sun tanning seasons. The fun hot weather activities also mean facing damaging sun rays, mosquitoes, dehydration and many other not-so-fun realities. Linda Collinson, who has been in the natural health and wellness beauty business for nearly 40 years, says many of the more common…

Men's Boat Shoes

5 Pairs of Summer Shoes Suitable for the Great Outdoors

Temperatures are rising with each passing day, serving as a reminder that summer will be in full force before we know it! With that being said, it’s essential that your wardrobe is up to par with the latest summer fashions. But before you go out splurging on the newest trends spotted on your favorite celebrity, you should think about…


Aspire Eyewear – Featherlight and Flexible Glasses

I end up getting a few pairs of glasses a year. Excessive I know, but between reviews and it being a sort of obsession I have to find the perfect pair, it just happens that way. This time, the test subject is Aspire Eyewear, an innovative, technology driven company with the goal of making your glasses feel invisible. Is that possible? Well, I’m…


Lessons We Learned From Prince About Partying

We’re Gonna Party Like Prince in 1999 When it comes to throwing party there is a person that will be remembered because of it along with his major hits – Prince. After his recent passing away, people all over the world still comment on his songs, but they do not forget his magnificent parties either. He will always remain famous as a…

Dark Sandalwood and Topaz

Wood Watch Envy: Jord Delmar Drift Series

I’ve had my Jord watch for nearly a year now and I’m still in love. I constantly get compliments when I wear it and it goes with nearly everything I own, but that’s not the only reason I wear it. The craftsmanship of a Jord wood watch is gorgeous, and the company has been very helpful with any support I’ve needed as well, making my…

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Look Like Business, Feel Like Yoga in 5 Steps

There’s no denying it, most of us want to be comfortable all the time, but we also want to look good, or at least presentable. Some of us would rather be in the gym or watching Netflix than at work, either way, same result – you end up with an over-complicated wardrobe trying to negotiate your wants and your workplace’s…


Choosing Sandals and Trainers For Summer

As I sit here in 98 degree (37c) weather in  Phoenix, I can’t stop thinking about the summer shoes I’ve yet to buy. After all my poking around the internet, I’ve come to a great conclusion and saved everyone some time in the process. I love the Reef Rover XT Sandal in Blush. There, we none of us have to shop anymore (I’m so funny). Seriously though, what…