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The Prom Attire Checklist Every Street Chic Girl Needs

When prom season rolls around, every girl is on the hunt for the perfect look. And that perfect look is one that separates you from the pack and lets your personality and sense of style shine through. Making a real and memorable statement is easier than you think. This checklist covers everything you need to complete your prom look and some tips on how to choose what’s right for you.   Dress Next to picking your…


Back To Basics: Things No Man Should Leave Home Without

Men don’t really think about accessories; as long as they leave the house with their keys, phones, and money in their pockets then they reckon they’re good to go. Perhaps it’s because they don’t care, or because men admittedly have fewer choices than women; after all, there aren’t very many who would happily walk around wearing jewelery. That said, that doesn’t mean that men can’t take any pride in their appearance. One of the biggest distinctions…

Tips and hacks

How to Order A Dress Online That Actually Fits You

You’ve doubtlessly heard, seen or witnessed for yourself the possible horrors of buying a dress online. Sometimes the sizes are too big, sometimes the sizes are too small, sometimes the sizes don’t look like they were designed for anything human. It can be discouraging, especially when we are looking for a convenient way to score sweet style. >Listen, nothing is foolproof. It can be hard to gauge fit by a picture, and – let’s face it…

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4 Gym Brands You Should Know About In 2017

When it comes to clothing there are divisions and those divisions include major brands such as Under Armour and Gym Shark that have the market share of sales, especially with the brand awareness surrounding them. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you only shop with the major brands, especially when you have a number of independent brands that provide the same quality with little to no brand awareness compared to the giants of the industry. To…

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Most Important Beauty Necessities to Pack in Your Travelling Bag

Whether you’re jet-setting, road tripping, or taking to the open seas, you want to look good and have fun on your travels. You’ve got your wardrobe carefully selected, and you’ve got your cosmetic bag. You’ve probably even remembered to pack sunscreen. Chances are, however, there are a handful of beauty necessities you’ve neglected to pack, either because they’re so second nature you take them for granted, or because they are unique to beauty enroute so you…

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Getting Luxury Wardrobe Looks For Less

As much as we might love a wardrobe full of designer clothing and shoes that would make even Carrie Bradshaw envious, for many of us, it isn’t going to be in our budget. With many high street stores taking on designer trends, you can look stylish for less. The key is choosing the right thing when it comes to cheaper clothes and making a few adjustments if needed. So here are a few tips to get…

Tips and hacks

5 Tips to Wear Trends Confidently

One thing fashion experts agree on is that looks are important. In this regard, there is no better way to enhance your looks than to rock in a trendy attire. Nevertheless, some people find it difficult to wear certain outfits because of insecurities about certain aspects of their bodies they are not proud of. If you fall under this category, then worry no more because below you will find five tips on how to wear your…


The Perfect Summer Frames

“I’ve never had so many compliments on my glasses!” It seems like every year I need a new set of frames, whether I damage them, lose them or just need some variety (most likely case) – and this summer was no exception. I searched high and low for the right feel…. This year I wanted something light colored and stylish, where past years I’ve usually gone with something dark and nerdy. I found the perfect frames…

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Summer Street Trends

  As we’ve recently been lucky to have reasonably good weather, there seems no better time for us to have a look at some of the street trends you need to know. These are all fresh from fashion week, but luckily you can achieve these looks without the designer price tag. Wide Collared Shirts In the recent past, it had been all about fitted jeans, fitted shirts and those muscle fit t-shirts, yet times are changing.…