Love & Pieces: Adorable Handmade Children’s Jewelry


I was looking the other day for some cute kids gift ideas. I was tired of going to childrens birthday parties and especially little girls and not having something different or cute to give them. You have the same boring gifts every time and being that I have a blog about the runway I needed something different. A friend of mine told me about a site they had just received a gift from that may…


Cute & Casual Back to School Look


Back in high school I had an amazing teacher who always said, “Make the best of your young life because once you’re an adult you’ll desire to be a teenager again”. Wow, he was totally right. I would give anything to be in high school again….




If you haven’t heard of the term “eyelet” yet, it is a term referred to a kind of fabric with small holes in it. Like the top I am wearing here, the hemline is sewn with an eyelet fabric.  My eyes popped as I saw this top, it is very simple…


Ensambl App – Weather Based Style Inspiration


Hey Everyone! How many times do you wake up in the morning knowing that rain is in the forecast and you haven’t got a clue what to wear? Isn’t that when you wished you had some style inspiration? There is definitely such a thing as “weather appropriate”…


Clutch Madness: Bijuju’s Falls 2014 Collection


  This year is rife with new trends, but one I can really get behind is these fun new clutches from Bijuju’s Fall 2014 Collection.  Colorful, creative, hip and exciting, these little guys are perfect for any evening out and add a special touch of uniqueness and individuality to your outfit. Sometimes I just can’t stand the weight of my purse on my shoulder anywhere and clutches and can be easily held under my arm or…

Mind the Curves

Curvy Women, Straight Up Style


A general lack of confidence plagues women all around the world. It’s ingrained in us from a young age in this modern society and it’s affected our world in more ways than superficial. It’s important for us to remind each other that we all look damn good! and Fashion can be a major boost in feeling good about yourself and showing off your unique style. This is why I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs featuring…


Festival Outfit Inspiration


Happy Summer! I am going to Summer Sonic in August, it will be my first ever festival and I am so excited that I am already thinking and imagining what to wear and I cannot wait. Unfortunately it will be the weekend of “Daimonji” that is a must in Kyoto….


Graphic Tee Fever: Summer Stock-up!


About a month or so into Summer I already start wishing I had more tanks, graphic tees and skirts. It usually depends on where I am in the world, if I’m in a city, I want more variety, if we’re in a small town, I don’t care as much. Browsing around my favorite online shops I found that Shopbop has a most excellent collection of graphic tees this summer from Wildfox, Sundry, UNIF, Freecity and…


Tata Tops – Let Fashion Usher in a New Topless Trend


This is not what it seems When first notified I would be writing a ‘fashion’ article I was less than thrilled.  Firearms , sure.  Politics , absolutely.  Technology , I’m there.  But fashion ?  Not exactly in my headlights, as…

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