British Invasion!

Another British Fashion Invasion?


Fashion Week is over and a striking new trend is really not all that new! Retro mod-inspired looks from British fashion houses Burberry, Moschino, and Temperley are all the rage and crossing the Atlantic like a storm. Shagadelic, baby! In the 1960s, the shops of England’s Carnaby Street defined the look of the Swinging Sixties with miniskirts, go-go boots, wild chunky color patterns, and eyes as big as the hair. London’s Soho district’s sense of…


Street Artist Paul Richards Collaborates with W Concept


Well known designers and fashion retailers, W Concept, has stirred up the scene with a brand new collaboration featuring well known abstract street artist, Paul Richard. Not many street artists are recognized, which is a part of their underground thrill and appeal, let alone do many of them collaborate with fashion companies, however W Concept has brought several of Paul Richard’s most popular drip paintings (ones usually adorning Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn) a new form of life…

Photo by Robynlou Kavanagh / Flickr

Taboo Topics in Fashion


You might think that a subject so fluffy as fashion would not have anything controversial about it, no taboo topics. You would quickly realize that is a wrong assumption with some research into this flamboyant and entertaining industry. There are indeed taboo topics in fashion, read on! Remarkable Markup Did you know that most garments cost pennies to make en masse? While it is true that hand worked, truly one of a kind, haute couture…


New York Fashion Photographer. A gift of an era.


Fashion photography today is one of the most popular and sought-after destinations in the art of photography, which purpose is to capture and to transmit the style very clearly, the atmosphere, the mood and the ideal of the age. Aesthetics and the concept of fashion photography have always followed the newest and most daring trends of the art of photography, from the romantic elegance to outrageous extravagance. One of the highlights in the development of…


My Perfect Day in Vienna


We had a nice 2 month holiday earlier this year and it was so difficult to choose where to go! We drove around for 2 months, spending most of our time in London, Wales and Southeast England but we also flew to Barcelona for a long week of shopping, walking and learning about Spanish culture. We had endured a long debate on whether to go to Vienna or Barcelona, involving the whole family, so long…

Brooklyn in Grey

Epiphanie Bags – Vegan Carryon Bags for Your Fall Travel Plans


I’m always on the lookout for vegan leather bags, coats, wallets, whatever I can find. Not only because I’m vegan but also because non-leather items are more sustainable and classy in my opinion (not to mention they feel better, age better and smell better long term than leather). When I heard about Epiphanie Bags I was so excited to hear of a company with a complete line of fashionable and versatile carryon bags, camera bags…


Overcoming Your Style Dilemmas


Winter is fast approaching and summer is little more than a distant memory. For some of us the cold weather means festive parties and being able to wrap up in our favourite cosy jumper, but some of us find it creates chaos with our wardrobe. Suddenly we feel like we have to go out and buy a whole wardrobe full of new outfits and the choosing the right dress for the Christmas party feels like…

oxbow mieri zip hoody

French brand putting the ‘Va Va Voom’ into winter knits


So far this autumn we have managed to escape the brutal weather that, as brits, we know all too The french brand Oxbow has a surf heritage dating way back to 1985. Classic surfers such as the legendary Laird Hamilton have been the back bone to the brands image and subsequently the mens fashion collection has been featured all over the world. However, recently the ladies collection has stepped up to the plate with this…


Perfecting Office Wear for Women


Getting dressed for work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your personality. It doesn’t have to be black skirts and buttoned up shirts and there is scope to include some of your personal style in the office without going over the top.  The wrong fashions can negatively impact on your career but the majority of your decisions are probably on the ball. Below are some hints and tips for perfecting office wear. Perfect Polish…

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