New Sunglasses For A Long Hot Summer


I’m fairly obsessed with sunglasses although I actually own very few at the moment. My most recent pair is the Firmo FS1009, not the most catchy name but a pretty great pair of new sunglasses! The first thing I noticed about them was how high quality they felt. They came with a great little case covered in a world map pattern, a cleaning cloth and a cloth bag (my primary holder for them). The lenses are…

IAAA Ep 3_2

NEW: TV Show Featuring Lolitas! I’m Asian American and…I’m a Living Doll


A new show called “I’m Asian American and…” on Myx .TV is taking on a topic I know you’ll love! Originating from Japanese street fashion, the Lolitas adopt “ye olde time” Victorian fashion and elements from Japanese anime to create a unique style reminiscent of expensive porcelain dolls. Fully decked out in fake eyelashes, contacts, wigs, extensions, and/or dyed hair, they got it all, and have no shame in wearing it everywhere – making it more of a lifestyle than a…

Rachel by Alex Grant

Short and sweet: Tips for wearing crop tops


With spring approaching putting us back on the road to warmer weather it’s the perfect time to start thinking about crop tops! This springy trend has been everywhere lately and I’ve spotted them on city streets and at many recent runway shows. This little top is making a big noise and when it’s done right it looks chic and sophisticated, but it can be a bit tough to pull off! Here are the top tips…


The unique and quirky designs of Benefit cosmetics


The philosophy behind Benefit cosmetics can be summed up in their tagline, “Who says makeup has to be serious to look good?” This idea has influenced their design choices and packaging for several decades, ever since the two sisters started the company back in 1976. Since their original launch, the quirky package designs, humorous product names, and high quality ingredients have kept Benefit cosmetics at the top of the cosmetics industry for all this time.…

cat hat by j.schneider

Feeling Vintage – Movie Star Style, Thrift Store Grace


Vintage fashion never really goes out of style (as you probably noticed). Whether it’s just one piece you wear, an entire ensemble or merely the setting you surround yourself with in a photo, no one can deny the appeal of the vintage look. Perhaps, like me, you forgot it even existed after a couple years of getting sucked into online shopping – but it thrives still. The draw of vintage may be the appeal of…


Photo of the Day: Luna in Taipei


Luna was walking with a friend by the streets of the Shida night market in Taipei when I met her. She was wearing a long printed cardigan, a mustard sweater, a dark blue skirt with white print, black tights, and brown leather shoes. Luna’s complements were a necklace, and a brown leather bag that she bought in Internet and that you can see better at the second photo. Read more at:


Photo of the Day: Cute Style in China


There is always so much innovation coming out of China, yet a constant, deep appreciation for vintage style from around the world as well. Check out this adorable, simple, outfit that anyone can put together yet screams individuality. If you are looking for some great spring ideas, check out more style in China here:

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