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The Complete Fashion Guide Through 2019

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! Even though we still have a couple of months before we actually immerse into the new year (it still feels like 2018, doesn’t it?), making sure we stay trendy and fashionable in 2019 is a priority. Yes, you can still wear your winter wardrobe, as we are not here to discuss the trends of the following season, but the overall trends of 2019. What will we be…

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Fashion Capitals Street Style Comparison

Even though high-end designers dictate trends, and we do live in the globalization era, fashionistas of the major fashion capitals have still managed to stick to their signature styles. There is always a common thread, by all means, high-fashion is still a powerful global force, but as we dissect the most dominant trends, a clear image of both similarities and differences will become more than obvious, but let’s let the photos do the talking, shall we?…


Instant Indicators Of A Stylish Man

It can often be harder for men than it is for women to really look as stylish as possible and join in with the fashion of the moment. This is in part because it is not as much a part of most mens’ daily concerns as it is for women, and partly because a lot of men frankly struggle with being able to decide what they actually look best in. however, for those men it can…


Wedding Etiquette in The Age Of Social Media

Shhh – listen. Hear that? It’s the dreamy sighing of a billion little girls across the world, overcome with romantic sentiment as they imagine their perfect wedding day. But unlike the fantasies of old, which were filled with satin gowns, armloads of flowers, and walking down the aisle to “November Rain” (my heyday was the ‘90s), today’s young romantics have a different picture of holy matrimony – and social media plays a big part. So in…


New images from Sally & Milly

We posted on this awesome sister fashion photographers years back and wanted to share their latest work! Emily May Gunawan and Sally Ann are two sisters behind an amazing fashion photography career and their own traveling fashion project that took them to Turkey, the Orient and all over Europe. Having background of Sydney born and Jakarta raised, they both have thrived on the beauty of photography since their teen years. Mainly focusing on fashion and travel…

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Found on Instagram: Halloween Makeup @jamiegenevieve #FCmakeup

Check out this amazing Halloween Makeup! Any great plans for this weekend? It seems rare that Halloween falls on a Saturday! by fashionclimaxx2 instagram.com/p/9USngLAGEC/

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