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Lessons We Learned From Prince About Partying

We’re Gonna Party Like Prince in 1999 When it comes to throwing party there is a person that will be remembered because of it along with his major hits – Prince. After his recent passing away, people all over the world still comment on his songs, but they do not forget his magnificent parties either. He will always remain famous as a…


New images from Sally & Milly

We posted on this awesome sister fashion photographers years back and wanted to share their latest work! Emily May Gunawan and Sally Ann are two sisters behind an amazing fashion photography career and their own traveling fashion project that took them to Turkey, the Orient and all over Europe. Having background of Sydney born and Jakarta raised, they both have thrived on the…

photo by Alex Finch

Best Trends of Seoul Fashion Week – Photos by Alex Finch

I was snooping around the internet, looking for photos from a country that has always interested me, South Korea, and found these amazing shots from Seoul Fashion Week 2015. Korea is an enormous influence in the street fashion world and here are some of my favorite pieces and looks from Seoul Fashion Week! Coke Can Purses: I already…

Gudrun Sjödén Grand Opening_Akersgata 41_Polhem PR_modeller og snøkanon

Photos to See: What’s Up with Norway Style?

Norway is one of many bucket list countries I want to see, because of the vast, insane nature, the interesting society and people, and most of all, the style! I fished through the group photos and picked out some favorites to share. A couple of my favorite Norwegian based designers and shops include: Moods of Norway: The company sports the slogan ‘Happy Clothes…

fashion feelings photos

The Hat Hypothesis – Improve an outfit with a hat!

Here’a few tips on how to improve an outfit with a hat! Hi everyone! How are you? So there I was at the movies the other day when I reached an interesting conclusion: any outfit can be improved by adding the right hat. Sounds basic, right? It’s fashion 101, but at the same time, hats are not the most…


Memorial Day Fun in USA Retro Style!

Memorial Day Weekend this year was pretty great. On Sunday, I went on a ride on my motorcycle with my awesome new Retro Style USA Fanny Pack from Tipsy Elves. The weather was amazing, as it often is where we’re camping right now in southern New Mexico. I got a chance to check out some of the back roads of the area while…


Baddie Winkle, The Grandma You Hope You Will Be

Article Found on So Bad So Good Baddie Winkle may be grandma but she isn’t ready to slow down at all. Nope, she’s busy partying it up, doing modeling gigs in LA, and becoming an Instagram celeb. Watch out, Baddie Winkle is a trouble maker! Winkle is now 86 years old, but by just scanning her Instagram feed, you can…