Blogger Feature: Tres Awesome, Chicago Street Style

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I’ve yet to visit Chicago myself but I love the designers, shops and style that comes out of that city. I am constantly surprised by the diversity and cohabitation of urban style and vintage style from this historic city, and am tempted to visit just to go on a people watching and shopping tour every time I find a new Chicago blog.

Tres Awesome is a particularly fun street fashion blog, roaming the streets with a keen eye for individuality and this summer, taking their Chicago eyes to music festivals around the country.  If you need to feed your street style urges, this is a great place to start. Stylish Chicago residents seems to defy world trends and be dead set on self expression, and anyone can appreciate that!

tshirttresawesomeblogfashion_03 5144374367_00cc8c517a_oTres Awesome! Chicago Street Style at sofia vintage rocks -

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