Repeat Promotion from Repeat Possessions!

PDX Collective Sale January 22nd & 23rd 2011

Repeat Possessions, a Mission Viejo based online boutique is having a special promotion for those who join their facebook group! Everyone who joins and leaves a comment or post on the wall stating they are new to the community will get a promo code for a free Niki Biki tube top with any purchase on their site! Niki Biki is new to me but I’m finding out more and more that this affordable name is of good quality as well. Its not exactly summer, and many of us are stuck in winter storms as I type, but the gym is always open and warm and your wii fit cant sit in a closet forever. The website, www.RepeatPossessions.com carries an extensive number of yoga pants, leggings and toe socks to make your Wii or gym workout a comfortable one.
Check them out and help them get their facebook group going!

The tube tops come in many colors and would look super awesome with some suspenders!

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