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the world is ending


Yes. Thats right.. Zubaz Pants are BACK!!! Please dont buy them, not even to sleep in. They are not retro. They are a sick sad reminded of how LAME the 90’s WERE! The pants were first made popular by weightlifters and overweight sports fans and it should stay that way.. in the past. I understand that everyone wants a piece of the “retro fads” that are overwhelming the world today, but this was a bad fad even when it was in its own time. Take a look at the photo below. There it no forgiving that. I plead with all of you, dont do it.
Zubaz Pants

  • Me

    Umm, yeah. I know him. That was a costume for the Urban Iditarod in Portland Oregon. His team theme was white trash.

  • That was the best photo I found around after writing the blurb, the article wasnt based on having found the photo. I can tell its a costume, no human being would have that hair or wear that shirt in seriousness, not even someone who wears Zubaz pants every day haha. so um yeah.