shameless plug

A blingy homage to KIDROBOT

I’m not sure how many of you out there know my obsession with Kidrobot toys but I collect Dunny’s and Smorkin Labbits and over the last few years my collection has gotten to the point of needing its own shelf. Since I pay pretty close attention to what’s going on with Kidrobot and who’s doing what with them I also like the other kid robbot jewelry (they dont get names anymore because they dont believe in free enterprize and equal opportunity for all), but not the price. I decided since I didn’t want to pay 100$+ for a plastic toy and some beads (an awesome plastic toy) that I would make my damn own. So I am, whether you like it or not,  and giving them all my awesomest friends. yes i said giving. so if youre lucky i might give you one.

Check em out!

The ultimate homage to Kidrobot

I’ll be in Mexico the next 2 weeks sporting one I decided to keep. I’ll try to get some shots of it in interesting places. I always take Dunny’s with me when I travel, now I can wear one on me whenever I want. Posting will continue on the 28th or sooner If i get some Mexican internet!