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Back to the Future: Self Lacing Shoes are Coming!

Samantha Grossman @sam_grossman on  To celebrate Back to the Future Day, also known as the date Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part II, Michael J. Fox, who played McFly, revealed a picture of himself wearing a real-life version of the franchise’s iconic self lacing shoes, some great…


Wearing Trainers and Girls Shoes With Skinny Jeans

After the last few months where the weather was poor, more and more people will turn to jeans as their trusted choice for trousers. With some jean styles, especially with skinny jeans, finding matching shoes can be a challenge. However, with some care and consideration, the perfect pair of trainers will compliment a…

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Why Vans Shoes Lead the Way in the Skating Footwear Market

Skaters have always been renowned for their trendy, street style, and certain brands have become iconic with this aesthetic. Vans is one of the best examples of an internationally established skating and extreme sports brand, having launched in the U.S. as long ago as 1966. It has…


Tips on Buying Skate Shoes: 3 Steps to Success

Every past time is different, and while some need very little investment others require participants to purchase specialist clothing and equipment. Taking skating, for example, which demands a certain level of skill and cannot be performed without specific clothes, accessories and products. The type of footwear that you procure is particularly…

Toms Woolen Twill Shoes
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Tom’s Shoes: Stylish, Comfortable Shoes For Everyone

A brief look into Toms shoes Toms shoes have a that nice, classic feel to them-particularly the flat-bottomed types that work well with most outfits and have a retro-cool feel to them.  A staple of the fashion-savvy gent (and lady too, for that matter!) looking for a casual-cool shoe, Toms now come in a variety…

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Photo of the day: Queen St., Toronto

Street Fashion @ Queen St. W., Toronto see blog I love the short booties and Jacquard coats are my favorite part of this photo. Making staying warm look great is always a skill.
Interesting news from Japan and great news for cake lovers, M CAKES, a super original Japanese cake store,  is releasing a brand new kickin’ cake design as part of a collaboration with cake designer Maestro Jumbo Meg and Ms. Sole-Pedia Lil’ Meg from The talented team and joined forces with urban culture & fashion inspired brand [M2] for this exclusive cake…