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Seine River in Paris

City Wonders’ Top Romantic Hot Spots and Tours of Paris

City Wonders offers first class tours of beautiful, historic cities like you can’t see them on your own. At the top of my wishlist would have to be Paris, a city I hope to explore for days on end sometime soon. I love the architecture, culture, quaint and delicate deserts and the miles of walkable parks and trails. Combine…

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova’s Luxurious Walking Tour of Amsterdam

I’m always excited to share new shopping guides and local secrets about places, and Amsterdam is a big favorite of mine. I came across this interview by Orchard Mile where they get all the juicy luxury secrets of world famous Maria Sharapova. It gave me some great ideas for my next visit! I never considered going there in the winter but she makes…

Red-Eye Wrap by Betabrand
Designer of the Week travel

Betabrand Functional Travel Fashion

Many people say they hate to fly, or worse “hate to travel”, and although I can’t empathize because I love airports and traveling more than almost anything, I still want others to have a less terrible time. A big complaint people have is sleep, and/or comfort on planes. specifically, not getting any sleep at all or having to pay for a weird in flight blanket…


Dreamy International Bike Tours via Brooks England

In the winter I love to plan a spring vacation. I can’t wait to get back on a bike and meander the streets of some amazing city. The ideal way to do this is to just get on a bike and don’t stop til your whims allow! Take the long way, pedal down roads off the beaten path and take every detour…


9 Fantastic Foodie Adventures To Take your Vegan Bae On

1. Veg Yoyages – Visit places like Bali, Thailand, Malasia, Sumatra and more on a Vegan Adventure Tour. Veg Voyages specializes in select Asian countries where we not only visit the “must see” sights, but also make sure to spend plenty of time well off the beaten “tourist trail” – giving you the opportunity to gain real insight into the region’s culture,…

nerdy travel

Selfie Sticks Are the Biggest Travel Pet Peeve of 2015

From inconsiderate passengers to social media over sharers, travel-dating site, releases its list of “The Biggest Travel Pet Peeves of 2015.” According to the survey, it’s time to leave the Selfie Sticks at home, with a majority of respondents complaining about other travelers using the device while on vacation.   Travel can be an exciting, often life changing…


Holiday Packing Hacks For The Chic Traveller

We always have the best intentions. “I’ll pack light this time”, we say. “Do I really need four pairs of shoes?” we say. Unfortunately, we rarely pull it off. This time can be different, though. Finally, we’ve assembled the perfect packing guide for fashionistas who are going global. What to Pack Shoes Yes, it’s easy to talk yourself into “needing” your hiking…

Sergel lazacbar

Scandic City Resort to Open in Shopping Haven, Stockholm

Stockholm is one of our favorite cities to shop and soon there will be an amazingly classy hotel to stay in while we do! Scandic is our favorite luxury hotel chain in northern Europe and we think you’ll like them too. In the spring of 2017, Scandic will open a completely new type of hotel in Stockholm – a city…

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How do your 2013 holiday plans match up to Kate’s?

Summer 2013 is finally getting into full swing, and for many of us that means booking a last-minute getaway and hunting for the perfect bikini. After recent newspaper stories, many of us might be wishing we had the resources to holiday like a royal. Gary Goldsmith, brother of Carole Middleton and uncle to Kate and Pippa, recently revealed details of the…