Camping Style

Ross wearing Negro Disaster
Ross wearing Negro Disaster.

I bought a few Negro Disaster shirts when I was in Mexico this last June. I thought I bought them for myself but it turns out none of them really fit me and what better way to enjoy something you cant wear than to be able to at least see it on someone you see every day? I found the shirts at a store that was basically the equivalent of Hot Topic but a million times better. It was still in a huge mall in Mexico City but it was pretty much all goth and metal clothing – no fringey silly junk or swag for the latest teen movie, really cool timeless stuff. I bought 3 Negro Disaster shirts, 3 Indio shirts, which are basically Ed Hardy copies, some Negro Disaster earrings, a Marca del Diablo shirt for me and hoodie for my friend Lisa. I scored basically. That was just about all I bought in Mexico besides some slouch boots I had spent months looking for. I ended up finding them in the middle of Mexico at a rest stop off the freeway in a little makeshift shoe mall – in a rain storm. Gotta love Mexico!

In this photo Ross is standing in front of our RV in Catalina State park outside of Tucson AZ. If some of you don’t know why we are in an RV in Arizona, I’ll recap. We are traveling the country at our own pace, working from the internet – till we are good and through. Whole story..no, really.