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Garbage Coat, Asheville North Carolina
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WTF Wednesday: The Garbage Coat

☆ Great new Styles for Men and Women ! This week, I’m in Asheville, North Carolina. A beautiful town nestled in the Smoky Mountains, teaming with rivers, trails and the world famous Blueridge Parkway. Asheville has tons of vegetarian restaurants, a bustling art and music scene and enough boutiques to satisfy anyone. After having a picnic in the park downtown, we decided to walk around town and check out the many mini neighborhoods in the area.…

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WTF Wednesday: Atlanta Georgia

By┬áCameron Adams I’d like to introduce WTF Wednesday, in honor of two of my favorite blogs, Regretsy and Uncool Hunter, I thought Street Fashion had as much of a chance of finding some regrettable outfits. It’s all in good fun though, not personal to the person or the photographer. I can openly admit that I have had my share of WTF moment, looking in a mirror in a public place, having already left the house with…