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Superstar Beauty Secrets

If you look at all those celebrities or Instagrammers on social media and you are wondering how they achieve that flawless matte finish or perfect eyeliner wing, then this article might be interesting for you. Let’s check some of the best advice to have a red carpet look with some simple hacks.  Bright eyes When you think of celebrities’ working hours, they have pretty tight schedules and have to get up very early to go to the…

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Beauty Inspiration from Paris Fashion Week

The Fashion Week in Paris in the event of the year for many fashion lovers. Many people don’t understand the art that hides behind the tendencies that show up in runways like that. Every designer tries to present a tendency, something that will become popular, or to give an homage to some retro look or trend. Whether it is the eyes, the lips, the hair, or just exaggerated dresses, futuristic style, or maybe a new version…

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Taking the ’90s Back: How Fashionistas & Brands Have Revamped this Decade of Style

From the colorful splashes of color defining 1990s fashion to the bell-bottom jeans of the 1970s, if there was any specific way to define modern fashion, it’s through the idea of ditching decade-specific attire and making old trends new again.  It’s completely normal to see someone pairing a 60s-style hat with a late 90s shirt or pair of shoes. In a time where the rules have been broken in all the best ways, let’s explore a…

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Instagram Worthy Brunch Outfit Ideas

Brunch used to be for the late risers. Now, this laid-back meal is an opportunity to whip out all your favorite outfits before heading out to meet up with the squad. If you’re looking for inspiration that’s worthy of all the Instagram tags that are coming your way, check out this list of brunch outfits that range from flirty and fun to cool and collected. 1. Floral Dress & Booties If you’re heading out during a…

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Struggle With Spice? Here’s How To Learn To Handle Spicy Foods

Spices have been around for thousands of years. It’s second nature for many people to add a pinch of pepper to their meals or sip on ginger tea. Besides, some recipes rely on spicy peppers and spices for their unique flavor. Do you struggle with spice? Here’s how to learn to handle spicy foods. 1. Gradually build your tolerance level If it’s your first time trying spicy foods, avoid foods that contain ghost peppers. A good…

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How Fashion Industry is Handling Covid-19 Crisis

Due to the coronavirus, sudden and abrupt changes happened to almost every industry. However, the fashion industry caught our eye the most. As shopping centers and malls were closed, people weren’t able to shop or try out different clothes. Without the Internet, this would ruin the entire fashion industry. Luckily, the online world comes to the rescue. Not every change has to be a bad one. During the coronavirus crisis, many horrible things happened around the…

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How to Define Your Fashion Style for the Fall/Winter Season

We all know that summer is the best season for showing off your best clothing picks, but transitions into fall and winter can also shine a light on your fashion style. Fall is around the corner, and although we’d all love to go back in time and spend a few more months bathing in sunlight, now is the best time to show your unique sense of fashion to the world and find stylish clothing picks that…

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5 Summer Sweater Outfits That Will Keep You Looking Cool and Chic

Gone are the days of having completely separate winter and summer wardrobes, now more than ever we are combining the two to express ourselves year-round. Whether it’s layering summer pieces in the winter or donning warmer accent pieces for the summer months, styling has thankfully been simplified over time. An appropriately hot trend lately has been wearing a sweater or sweater-inspired tops during the summer to prepare for those chilly nights spent around the bonfire. Just…

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Good Sleep With CBD and Melatonin

I’ve always had trouble getting a good night’s rest. I have long detailed, lucid dreams, grind my teeth, roll over several times a night, get up for water or to take the dog out, and rarely feel particularly well rested. I’ve used melatonin before a trip to the UK before and it worked out well, no jet lag at all really, and I’ve used CBD for neck pain and hemp oil on my skin, but never…