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Good Sleep With CBD and Melatonin

I’ve always had trouble getting a good night’s rest. I have long detailed, lucid dreams, grind my teeth, roll over several times a night, get up for water or to take the dog out, and rarely feel particularly well rested. I’ve used melatonin before a trip to the UK before and it worked out well, no jet lag at all really, and I’ve used CBD for neck pain and hemp oil on my skin, but never had…

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China for Fashion Lovers

Over the last few years, China has experienced a tremendous improvement in its fashion industry. Well, this is perhaps due to an increase in incomes, domestic consumption, urbanization and technology. The demand for accessories and apparel is anticipated to continue to rise and become increasingly intricate soon. Currently, China hosts several thriving domestic brands that offers something truly unique and unlike anywhere else in the world. The Chinese consumers are progressing towards a lifestyle where they…


Summer Street Style Reinvented for 2021

This summer, it’s the time to wear whatever we want out and redefine streetwear from what it was pre-pandemic. Streetwear isn’t the same as it used to be. It has evolved from total comfort, to pieces a little bit more advanced and more fun, so it really feels like we are stepping out with fashion in mind.  Here are a few ways that street style is being reinvented for 2021 and how you can incorporate it…

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Summer of Change: New Habits More Action

We’re always ones to act whenever we hear of a new way we can help; the planet, animals, and each other, and we want to share with you some of the most recent changes we’ve made to our life. Whether habits or actual products new on the market, it’s important to keep learning and keep evolving! Here are a few things – actions, products and habit changes we can recommend starting this summer! Pirani Life We…


The Argument for Forgiving Student Debt

I was a student for many years and unlike many I saw around me, I had to work full time while going to school. I didn’t have parents to live with, or any family at all actually, no one to ask for assistance, advice, or anything else people naturally take for granted. I don’t want to make the story too long… but I grew up believing I would never go to college at all so taking…

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Decades and Denim Jeans: A Timeline of our Wardrobe Staples

With the fashion industry constantly innovating the latest seasonal tastes and trends, it’s not easy to keep up with the next best thing all the time. However, one fashion staple that could never be replaced is jeans. Renowned for being the ultimate go-to provider of both comfort and style, we have seen jeans take many different shapes and designs throughout the years. So much so, the concept of jeans has even been combined with the ease…

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5 Brands For Your 2021 Memorial Day Celebration

*this post includes one amazon link to help support website costs. Thanks for understanding! 2021 so far hasn’t been very different from 2020 in many ways, however, the weather is getting nicer, many of us are getting vaccinated, and the prospect of an eventful Memorial Day Weekend becomes more realistic every day! Whether you plan to celebrate within your home bubble or expand it, just plan the responsible way! The best way to celebrate the warmer…

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5 80’s Men’s Fashion Items That Are Back In Style

The ’80s was a fantastic era for fashion, so much so that some of its trending items have come back in fashion with full force. There is no mistake the ’80s were all about being bold, colourful and a little excessive, but hey, if they looked good then so can we. The ’80s were known for their ripped jeans and biker jackets. There was everything from the 80’s hip hop era with their bold coloured tracksuits…

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4 Gorgeous Pyjama Styles For Your Pamper Evening

As a result of the pandemic, many of us are still faced with restrictions when it comes to meeting friends, family or going out. So, we thought we would put together 5 gorgeous pyjama styles for your pamper evening to help you feel amazing and look even better. With this wide range of styles, you will certainly find something that suits you and your pamper evening!  Short Sleeve Silky Pyjama Top and Shorts If your pamper…