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Miss the Gym? We found some solutions

We’ve been locked indoors since February – initially by choice, then by mandate. I’m already a total shut-in, so I don’t really mind – however once summer started, I really started to miss our trips to the gym! What can you do when the gyms and trails are closed? I have asthma and don’t run, so I couldn’t jog around the neighbourhood, though many people have turned to jogging, more now than ever. Jogging is not a solution for everyone,…

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Bohemian and Beautiful: Summer Dresses

Many of us are indoors this summer and it’s getting old. We don’t feel the need to dress up or even wear jewelry. However taking the time to remember who you are when times aren’t so strange can do wonders for your mood. It’s also be a great time to try out a new style and be the person you always wanted to be and felt too afraid to. It’s hard to change when everyone is watching and commenting…


How to Achieve the Perfect Summer Look

Summer lets us enjoy natural beauty. In fall and winter you spent your time putting together complex outfits, makeup looks, and hairstyles, but now that cold months are far behind us, it’s time to remove the bells and whistles and embrace simplicity.  This season it’s all about that subtle dewy glow to your skin and effortless beauty hacks that will make you look like you just rolled out of bed looking like a sultry goddess.   We’ve got a few…


Sustainable Habits for the World-Traveler

Being in a new place is always exciting; there’s so much to see and discover everywhere. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in your destination that you start to take less care with your actions. Anywhere you visit, you must remember to respect your surroundings and make sure you are paying close attention to the impact you are leaving on the environment around you.  When we travel, we tend to feel a little less responsible— more care-free than…

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Brighten Your Eyes with Colored Eyelash Extensions

With summer right around the corner, everyone is on the lookout for something new! Summer provides us with a great opportunity to try new things, step out of our comfort zones, and stand out a little bit. There are so many ways to incorporate this daring attitude into your daily wardrobe, like trying out rompers or wearing adorable, colorful sundresses, or going a bit wild and dying your hair a hue you’ve never tried before! But if you want…

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Fashion Trends of the 2010s: Hits and Misses

Beauty and fashion trends come and go, and then come back around again. This was definitely the case in the 2010s. Things that haven’t been cool since the 80s and 90s are starting to show up on the fashion radar once again. The great thing about this is if you really like a particular fashion item and it goes out of style, you can keep it stowed away in your closet. You will likely have the chance to bring…


Tips on Being a Digital Nomad in Southeast Asia

Being a digital nomad is all about having the freedom to live and work on your own terms. The reason people choose to work from remote places and be constantly on the go is first and foremost related to their wish to travel around the world and experience different cultures, while at the same time work just enough to pay for such lifestyle. Most digital nomads opt for countries and regions that are quite different from those they come…


Cheap Travel Ideas: Nicaragua

By Mike Cobb  Sad political events in 2018 have hit tourism in Nicaragua hard, mainly because people worry about traveling to a country that came up in the news for civil unrest nearly two years ago. But did the riots in Baltimore in 2015 have any meaningful impact on tourist safety in Williamsburg, Virginia in 2017?  Of course not. The same is true in Nicaragua.  There were certain heated areas in Managua and neighboring cities, however, the rural area,…

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Sartorial Psychology: Projecting Your Mood Via Fashion

In the early dawn of humans, clothing was simply worn to keep us warm and to protect us from the elements. Over time, clothing and accessories grew to represent social status and help us attract a mate. Today, the main driving force for our fashion choices is to express our personalities and feelings. We may not realize it when we shop for an outfit, but the way we dress can send powerful signals to the people around us. The…