12ozProphet found footage, Dirty Dozen in Brazil

For those of you who don’t know (don’t feel bad, they’re fairly new to me as well) The Dirty Dozen is an eclectic group of about 20 street artists, hipsters, fighters, writers and globetrotters. I stumbled on this clip while looking for street art collectives and was fortunate to find some South American footage from a trip 3 members, Os Gemeos, Raven and Sonic, took in 1997, attacking the streets of a city who knows street art as well as it does crime. Check out 12ozProphet to see more videos like this and learn things about the street art world you never knew, website: //www.12ozprophet.com

12ozProphet Presents… Found Footage: 1997 Brazil Graffiti with Os Gemeos, Raven & Sonik from 12ozprophet on Vimeo.

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