2019 Makeup Trends

You thought the previous trends were crazy? Well, say hello to the makeup industry identity crisis. Trust me, you have no idea what’s coming. Buckle up.

Peachy/pink blush

Forget the deep bronze summer vibes and focus on peachy taupe shades this winter in order to keep up with the natural mood of the season. The key is in embracing the natural glow and tone of your skin.

Pale foundation


This season, models embraced their natural tones with the help of pale and beige foundation shades. It is all about appreciating your color instead of drowning it with pounds of bronzers and too dark foundation shades. Fair skinned beauties, this is your time to shine!


If you like to keep your lines simple and your eyes defined, this is a trend for you. Dainty and precisely waterlined eyes are a hit this season, and they are definitely keeping up with the general mood of non-trying beauty. Waterlined eyes allow you to define your natural eye shape and contour your eyes better. They make your look sharper and more defined.

A pop of color

If you love to experiment with color and tend to shy away from a full commitment, this is your time to shine. On this year’s fashion shows we’ve seen it all – from unexpected streaks of bright eyeliners to bright and colorful mascara pops. Make your everyday looks more fun with the help of rainbow shades on your eyes or lips.

Statement eyeshadow combined with no makeup look

Two main 2018/19 beauty trends are: no makeup looks and strategically placed pigments. Totally contradicting but great together. There is a special tension and contrast between statement eye and bare face which we all ‘hate to love’. If you are feeling bold enough, you should definitely try this look out.

Inner silver

When it comes to precious metals, silver is the enigmatic one. It has the appeal of cold light and cosmic starlight. It evokes the feeling of supernatural and unveils us to the mysterious forces that are beyond our comprehension. This season, silver found its home at the inner corners of model’s eyes where it promoted dimensionality and wakefulness. Fendi and Mary Katrantzou fashion shows showed us how it’s done.

Textured brows

Eyebrows are a beauty feature in their own right. But it feels like they flew under the radar for quite a long time, since they were treated rather as mere decorative complements instead as features equally important as lips and eyes. But those times are over, because the brow is now the hottest thing to happen to beauty. And gone are the days of pencil-lined arches, because we are now focused on quality eyebrow makeup that makes them look as natural but in the same time as pointed out as they can be. In other words, it is time to ditch the pencils and focus entirely on combs, gels and little bit of natural shades of brown to make them pop.

Tan eyeshadow

No, it doesn’t all have to be sparkly, shiny and bold. Deep, golden tan eyeshadows also found their place on this season’s runways. They make a great grown-up alternative to the sharpie trend that currently reigns. Tan eyeshadow is universally flattering, natural but never boring. And not to mention, it can look great with both bold lips and nudes.

Lip stain

The edgy cousins of lipsticks that impart chromatic, dense pigment into a long-lasting matte formulas. Perfect for long nights at bars or long days at the office, since they help you achieve that matte, undone finish, which is almost impossible to be achieved with lipsticks. This season, it is all about burgundy shades.

Glossy lips

Glossy lips were a signature subtle theme for fall/winter 2018-19 makeup trends. They have a youthful and feminine energy that infuses any makeup look. The key to achieve the best look with lip gloss is to have smooth and soft lips – so stack up on lip scrubs and balms before trying it out.

Nude lips

Matte shades of caramel, mauve and tan were the absolute hit on this year’s runways. These shades reflect the alluring mood of fall season, while nude light pinks and browns create composed and definitive looks. Nude lipstick puts together disparate elements and gives you a polished appearance. It goes best with smokey cat eyes, as well as shimmery bold eye looks.

Red lipstick

If there is one thing that will never go out of style, it is definitely the red lipstick. It is the little black dress of makeup (and it goes great with one as well). We’ve seen it all over Paris fashion weeks, especially at Brandon Maxwell, Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana. Go with shade that has blue undertones so it makes your teeth look whiter (blue and yellow are opposite on the color wheel which makes them cancel one another).

What do you think about these trends? Feel free to comment below.

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