4 Gorgeous Pyjama Styles For Your Pamper Evening

As a result of the pandemic, many of us are still faced with restrictions when it comes to meeting friends, family or going out. So, we thought we would put together 5 gorgeous pyjama styles for your pamper evening to help you feel amazing and look even better. With this wide range of styles, you will certainly find something that suits you and your pamper evening! 

Silky Pyjama Set in Green

Short Sleeve Silky Pyjama Top and Shorts

If your pamper night is going to consist of nail painting and face masks, but you want to feel glam, then a short sleeve silky pyjama set is ideal. You will feel luxurious but the outfit is also convenient, as you won’t have to worry about long bottoms or sleeves getting in the way. 

Once you have finished pampering, you can get under the duvet and enjoy a film without being too warm. These will also be perfect for getting ready when we can go out! When it comes to glam pyjamas, it doesn’t get much better than short sleeves and silky.

Cotton Cami and Shorts

If you aren’t keen on silky pyjamas, then a great alternative is a cotton cami top and shorts. For those of you who get warm easily, cotton might be a better option, as some people find they sweat more in satin. These pyjamas are ideal for a summer evening or if you know you’ll be getting cosy under a blanket. 

Comfy Satin Dressing Gown

If you are planning on having a nice warm bath for your pamper evening and don’t want to put full pyjamas on afterwards, then a cosy satin dressing gown will be perfect. These are ideal for when days start to get a bit warmer, as you will always have a light and airy feel. 

Again, you will definitely get use out of your comfy satin dressing gown aside from pamper evenings, as you could wear it over a jewel bikini before heading out into the hot tub for an ultimate glam look with the girls and a nice glass of prosecco! You could also wear it when getting ready for a night out or for work, as you won’t get too warm and you won’t mess up your hair or makeup before you head out. 

Although a satin dressing gown is ideal for a pamper evening, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will get plenty of use out of it at other times! 

Cosy Loungewear Coord

For those of you who love super cosy pamper evenings, a cosy loungewear coord will be perfect. Picture long bottoms and a matching off the shoulder top in a gorgeous slouchy and soft material. You will feel comfortable yet still look effortlessly stylish. Pair with fluffy slides and you’re good to go! 

Loungewear co ords can also be worn for your food shops, casual shopping days or school runs as you will look like you have made an effort! Having a loungewear coord in your wardrobe is a must, as it is so diverse and will keep you looking cool and casual all year round. 

Final Thoughts

Who says a night-in outfit has to be boring? To feel nice and cool but glam, opt for either silky short sleeve pyjamas or a cotton cami and shorts. For the ultimate cosy look, it’s got to be a loungewear coord. The satin dressing down is great for a pamper evening in the bath and it will get plenty of use throughout the year! With any of these pyjama styles, you will look and feel amazing, even if you are only going into your living room!

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