4 Gym Brands You Should Know About In 2017

When it comes to clothing there are divisions and those divisions include major brands such as Under Armour and Gym Shark that have the market share of sales, especially with the brand awareness surrounding them. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you only shop with the major brands, especially when you have a number of independent brands that provide the same quality with little to no brand awareness compared to the giants of the industry.

To help the independent gym brands, we’ve listed 5 just for you.

One Athletic

One Athletic bring high quality materials with slick, seamless design with their ranges. The One Athletic team work tirelessly to ensure that the products are high quality and that the products they release fit are at the very least fashionable. Their range of tracksuits, hoodies, track pants and tees are adored all over the world, with Instagrammers from Singapore, New York and of course London all show casing their One Athletic purchases. The UK based brand continue to set push boundaries with their minimalistic, yet expressive pieces.


Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices was founded in 2013 and has seen $7 million funding from a number of investors. The brand has been a fan favourite or a long time, where it takes on board an alternative perspective compared to traditional active wear on the market. The brand was designed purely for athletic movements, with fabrics and materials with interchangeable layers, providing a great feel in any season and during any activity. They have moved away from the neon mesh that seems to be taking the gym industry by storm, as they have collections that are focused on four core fabrics.


State Concepts From Frank & Oak

Many will be aware of the Canadian brand Frank & Oak, however, many more will be surprised to know they have expanded into a brand called State Concepts. State Concepts brings together athleisure perfectly, which is designed to not be as aggressive, bold or technology driven. How do they do this? They do this by not trying to be a hybrid combination of fitness, street and tech gear, but instead taking a step back and taking fitness wear back to basics.



Tracksmith are different to the rest included into the following list, especially as their focus is more ‘70s track star’ rather than super futuristic fabrics. Their retro take on things will help you stand out from the crowd, especially as they have brought a retro style back into the 21st century.


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