5 80’s Men’s Fashion Items That Are Back In Style

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The ’80s was a fantastic era for fashion, so much so that some of its trending items have come back in fashion with full force. There is no mistake the ’80s were all about being bold, colourful and a little excessive, but hey, if they looked good then so can we. The ’80s were known for their ripped jeans and biker jackets. There was everything from the 80’s hip hop era with their bold coloured tracksuits and sneakers, and the wall street wolves in their power suits. In this article, we will go through 5 ‘80s fashion items that have come back in style for 2021 without looking like a blast from the past.

Leather” Jackets

The 80’s flare brought the leather jacket, and you weren’t officially a bad boy without one. The leather jacket wasn’t born in the ’80s but it was surely a continued trend from previous eras worn by rockstars, bikers and everyone who had a good sense of style. Fast forward to 2021 and we are still seeing this staple piece being worn by all types of fashion-focused men but greatly improved by non-leather fabric technology. Get the look without the cruelty and the only difference is the price tag that comes with it. 

Tracksuits – urban streetwear

The ’80s wasn’t all rock gods and bikers, it also brought the hip hop era with the likes of N.W.A and Run DMC, bringing back the full tracksuit edging to that urban style. Since LL Cool J started wearing the full top to bottom Adidas 3 stripes as a style statement, the athleisure look started to boost in popularity leading to a popular fashion statement in the ’80s. 

We are now in 2021, and the trends have changed in fashion but the full tracksuit has not. The full tracksuit is as popular as ever but people are not going for the standard tracksuits anymore, as they are wanting a little more flare and premium quality so if you are wanting to follow the urban fashion, go for premium brands which you can mix.

Baggy Jumpers

Baggy sweaters were a thing of the past until now, the sweater that is a size or two too large was a staple in the ‘80s. With bold prints and colourful patterns, they were an easy and relaxed fashion item that didn’t really need any thought to put on. Throw on some baggy chinos and the outfit was made. In 2021, the baggy jumper is still a cool look with many following the trend, the difference is that we have toned down the patterns and the bold colours for something a little more subtle. We don’t want to be looking like we are going to an ugly jumper party or part of our mum’s furniture when we were kids. Pair with some tracksuit bottoms and you have the comfiest fashion trend in 2021.

Power Suits

The power suit was not only a uniform for the wall street wolves but it was a key statement piece in the style at the time. No ‘80s fashion list is complete without the power suit. Sharp cuts, wide shoulder pads and a fitted pair of trousers were all the craze with the likes of Georgio Armani and Gianni Versace setting the stage for premium fabrics and bolder colours rather than thick, heavy materials and limited colours from the predecessors.

 In 2021, the power suit is back. With people watching more mainstream television and movies, like Mad Men and The Wolf of Wallstreet, more and more people are wanting to feel that power. With the likes of successful businessmen and aspiring juniors, this is not a statement piece that will go away anytime soon.

Slogan and Logo T-shirts

Slogan and logo t-shirts were by no means an ‘80s fashion invention as the likes of concert-goers and sports fans were already wearing these. However, they were definitely a fashion statement that is still being used today. With Hip Hop legends printing their logos on t-shirts, more and more people were wanting to be part of this trend. In 2021, the likes of Gucci, Balenciaga and Balmain are following this trend with bold logo print t-shirts which are pieces that are sought after and worn by the modern fashion-focused man. 

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