5 Accessories That Are Guaranteed to Make Your Winter Wardrobe Pop

As far as accessories go, winter fashion tends to stay the same. When you live in colder climates, you always need accessories that will keep you safe and warm. However, no one ever said that you can’t be practical and stylish at the same time. This season, your favorite accessories are getting a twist, giving you the chance to be the best-dressed member of your cold-weather crew. Step out with confidence in the season’s hottest boots. Make a statement while staying cozy in a signature scarf that doubles as a fashion accessory and a must-have piece of outerwear. Update your winter wardrobe with a few can’t-miss accessories that are guaranteed to make your outfits pop!

Signature Scarves with Substance and Style

A scarf is essential for your winter wardrobe, but all those stripes, plaids, and knitted pieces can get a bit boring after a while. After all, by now we all know that a scarf can easily anchor an outfit or stand out as a pop of color. Why shouldn’t our winter scarves do the same thing?

Bold, brightly colored scarves are the go-to this season. Don’t worry about warmth. They’re still cozy, but they’re anything but boring. In addition to faux fur wrap scarves, graphic scarves with eye-catching patterns or prints rank high on the style lists at the moment. Not only can you top off your favorite winter coat, but you can keep your scarf on when you shed your outerwear. Treat yourself to something cheery and vivid. Or, splurge on cashmere or faux fur!

Knitted Hats with Something Extra

Beanies, knitted hats, and toboggans are all the rage during the winter, and this season is no exception. What has changed, however, are the designs and styles that people are wearing. If staying safe and social distancing are your aesthetic, then the latest trend in winter hats is sure to delight you – and your stylish sensibilities.

Balaclavas aren’t new, but they’re the basis for this hat trick of a trend. Knitted and crocheted hats with mouth coverings are de rigueur right now because they tick all the boxes. They keep your head warm, they cover your mouth, and they eliminate the need for earmuffs, as well. Who doesn’t love a versatile accessory? And when it’s something that’s designed to help protect others, too? Well, we love to see it.

Faux Fur Hats

Crocheted caps aren’t the only trendy headpieces this season. Faux fur hats are guaranteed to protect you from the cold as the temperatures drop, but they will also earn you style points. Specifically, we’ve been seeing faux fur bucket hats on the runways and on the streets. A furry bucket hat gives off ‘90s vibes while ensuring that you draw attention in all the right ways. Your hat will be a conversation starter, especially if you pair it with additional ‘90s trends that are making a comeback.

Nostalgic ‘90s Footwear

Footwear is more of a necessity than an accessory, but since your shoes can make or break your outfit, we have to include them. So, do you know what will go with your fabulous faux fur hat? A pair of combat boots. The ubiquitous footwear choice of the ‘90s is back with a scream, and just in time, too. Combat boots are generally weatherproof, they’re fashion-forward for days, and practically speaking, they have just the tread you need to stomp your way down the slushy winter sidewalks. You get extra points if you opt for Doc Martens. Since patterns and prints are also in this season, feel free to go beyond the traditional black boot.

Loungewear That Can Do Both

Did we mention that we love a versatile accessory? Loungewear isn’t technically an accessory, either, but let’s count it, anyway. In a nod to the idea that comfort and style can peacefully coexist, one of the season’s coziest trends involves versatile loungewear. Not only is it on-point to wear lounge pants and warm sweatshirts as you go about your daily business, but a quick peek at the trend charts reveals that double-duty slippers are on the rise, too. What’s better than walking around in your house shoes without anybody noticing?

This winter, you can stay safe, stay warm, and stay in style. What are your go-to winter accessories?

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