5 Brands For Your 2021 Memorial Day Celebration

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2021 so far hasn’t been very different from 2020 in many ways, however, the weather is getting nicer, many of us are getting vaccinated, and the prospect of an eventful Memorial Day Weekend becomes more realistic every day!

Whether you plan to celebrate within your home bubble or expand it, just plan the responsible way! The best way to celebrate the warmer weather here in the US will definitely be outdoors – and if lockdown restrictions allow, small groups. There are benefits of gatherings with just a few people. There’s no chance you’ll see that redneck uncle, there’s less change anyone is wearing what you are, and you get more quality time chatting with each person. If 2020 taught is anything it’s that we have to value and nurture our relationships with those who’ve been there for us, whether online or in a socially distanced way.

My favorite brands right now for the upcoming Summer weather include both new and classic names in the fashion world, inspired by my interests, lifestyle, and ever evolving needs in this pandemic addled world.

1. Castaway Nantucket Island

Firstly, a brand that’s been around for decades- Established in 1947 and the poster brand for tennis games and yacht rides, Castaway Nantucket Island. As opulent of a lifestyle as their image implies, their styles are actually very approachable and comfortable, they describe themselves as “Classic Preppy”, which is not only accurate, but exactly why they’re so hot right now. Casual and comfortable – like the entire year of 2020 for most of us (at home), and full of fun colorful combos, pastels and styles. They’re well known for their detailed embroidery patterns, including fun things like Flamingos, Martinis and even Marijuana Leaves -Talk about brand evolution!

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I went for a spring theme, and a St Patrick’s Day inspired pattern of green clover on navy blue in a pair of perfectly fitted capris! The size I wanted was exactly what I got, there was no “surprise, you’re a size 10 today!” – an HUGE relief as most women will understand. They’re extremely minimalist – no pockets, which sounds like a negative but definitely not in this case. With this type of fabric I find pockets really annoying. Usually you can see the outline of the pocket on your legs and backside and have to constantly keep an eye on them becoming bunched up (and they’re not even usable anyway), not with these! They’re soft and breathable but thick enough for breezy spring weather too. The length is great if you have normal length legs, however I have very short legs so don’t base the length on me.

The embroidery is perfect !

2. Plant Faced Clothing

Cruelty Free, Ethically Made, Eco Friendly, Vegan Inks and Sweatshop Free. Plant Faced Clothing checks EVERY box on the “Let’s actually make conscious changes in our daily lives to save the planet, and each other” checklist. Established in 2016, I found out about them during 2020 when we were all stuck at home looking at Instagram ads. Their collection includes clever slogans and simple designs for people trying to draw attention to veganism and climate change without making people feel defensive or put off. My favorite shirt is “Kale ’em with kindness” which includes not only a cute saying with many meanings, but also includes one of my favorite foods.

3. Blowfish

These new Blowfish sandals caught my eye immediately. Yes, they’ll give me a weird tan on my feet but that’s ok, I’ll give up an even tan to wear some Ancient Greek sandals that aren’t made of leather and don’t require being tied all the way up my leg. They’re simple, durable and vegan, and many of their shoes are made from recycled plastic. They have an entire Vegan Shoe line for Spring/Summer 2021 right now!

You don’t have to worry about weird foot tans if you wear sun screen btw, keep reading for more on that!

4. EyeBuy Direct

I was years overdue getting a new pair of glasses when the pandemic started so it would be yet another year before I felt is was necessary to get a new pair. I was cleaning my favorite pair of glasses when they snapped completely in half and I knew it was time. It took me a little time to get in to an Optometrist, but once I did, the appointment was wuic and easy and I left with my prescription in hand. Time to look for some new glasses!

Both me and my boyfriend have terrible tales of eyeglass. My boyfriend once pair $600 for a pair of frames, total cost not given until we checked out of course, then he lost them on a hiking trail just a year later. The pair I wore after I broke my favorite glasses were not great – ok but not great. I was rushed into picking them while my eyes were still dilated, everything bright and extra blurry – and I’m also far sided so I couldn’t really see myself in the mirror and had to take their word for it. I was well fed up with eyeglass shops and surprise costs.

I was however also skeptical of what an eyeglass website would be like but I gave it a shot. I was impressed by the “Try it on” feature most of the glasses at Eye Buy Direct. It turns on your webcam camera and places the glasses right on your face (after you take of your current glasses of course). You can even record a video so you can see them from the side! It’s not perfect technology but honestly miles better than my trying to see what I look like in frames when I can only see a blurry face. They have UV protection, the option of Blue Light protection for computer workers like myself, and lots of options for tints to make them sunglasses or transitional lenses. My second favorite feature is their customer reviews which usually have photos of real customers, so helpful!

I got a pair of clear frames for every day wear and these great big sunglasses (the Crush frames) – my first pair of prescription sunglasses! When I wore uncomfortable contact lenses every day I could wear sunglasses, but it’s been years, literally years with no sunglasses. It’s been awful, and now I feel like 100% more comfortable in public *yay anxiety* and feel like I have some eye protection – for my eyes and skin around my eyes.

Eye Buy Direct has frames as low at $20 and brands like Ray Ban and Oakley if you’re feeling fancy.

5. Sun Bum Sunscreen

I’ve been thinking more and more about my skin health lately and have committed to wearing sunscreen on at least my face all summer this year. I usually try and get a little bit of a tan – it actually helps my makeup blend a little better, since it’s near impossible to find my color, and I end up buying foundation in the summer when I’m tan, however my ultimate goal should be to wear less makeup and have nicer skin.

The Sun Bum Mineral Face Stick isn’t oily, works great with makeup if you choose to layer it for even more protection, and is SPF 50, and it’s a vegan and cruelty free sunblock which can be hard to find. They also have SPF 30 spray on sun screen for your body and SP% 50 lotion. Big plus too is that it’s Reef Safe so it won’t damage the reefs, plant life or animals in the water you might swim in this summer – and if we’re lucky and it’s warm, this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend!

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