5 Essentials to Remember before You Go Interrailing

Interrailing is a train pass that grants you reduced or free trips around Europe for a chosen amount of time. As exciting as interrailing is there are a few things to consider before you start planning the trip and making any commitments. The five essentials to remember before you go interrailing include tips for saving money, time and having a safer experience.

Travel Card

The days of needing traveller’s cheques or holding large sums of cash are gone, and a travel card is essential for interrailing. A travel debit card gives you all the advantages of using your current account with minimal risk to your travelling funds. You can use your phone to transfer daily or weekly to your travel card and withdraw small sums of cash or pay via debit without being charged any extras, it also removes the risk of having your debit card stolen and giving access to your entire bank to a thief. It’s a simple and very necessary item to take with you while travelling as you will soon notice you are reliant on hostels to look after your belongings, and there is also a chance of a pickpocket taking your belongings. Make sure they steal very little by choosing a travel card.

Mapping Out Your Countries

Interrailing gives you the ability to travel anywhere around Europe, and you can decide when and where you go during your time. As great as an option it is to go anywhere, you should always plan out your trip ahead to avoid any extended rail journeys which only lead to wasting time you could be using to venture around a new city. It’s best to think of all the places you want to visit and research the attractions you want to see and work out the amount of time you plan to stay in each city. There’s no guarantee that you will be able to stick to the plan , but a rough will help much more than nothing at all.

Additional Costs to Expect

It goes without saying that an interrailing pass or ticket reduces your cost of travelling to multiple countries considerably. However, some sneaky charges can be expected between some countries. Some stations require a booking fee before you use your interrail ticket, they do this to guarantee that you attend the journey, as some train times are very demanding and people who already have a ticket “could just get the next one” if they’re running late. It can also be for overnight trains as they are very popular for the long distance journeys such as Barcelona to Rome.  

Travel Essentials Some of the trips can be longer than expect and taking some travel accessories away will help keep you entertained, warm and comfy during the more dreaded journeys. Trains aren’t the most reliable form of transport, and there can be delays, changes to buses and the occasional need to rest in a train station, which is why taking your tablet, travel pillow, and a light blanket are essential for your interrailing adventure from start to end.

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