5 Fitness Fashion Must-Haves for 2022

Paying attention to your fitness habits has become more important than ever now that we’re spending time at home and away from crowded gyms. Maintaining the same fitness routine as pre-pandemic is essential for the body, so you’ll need to make sure you’re fully equipped with functional athleisure. Need a new pair of gym leggings or a cropped top in your collection? Check out the 5 fitness fashion must-haves for 2022 first, before you start shopping for new pieces. 

Trendy sports bras

A true athlete could not imagine their workouts without a supportive sports bra. Year after year, we are seeing trends improving, evolving and making every workout session that more special. From standard cropped tops to cropped v-necklines and tops featuring cut-out details, you will have a vast choice of sportswear to pick from, for your collection. Cropped tops are perfect for matching with a cardigan, and get on with your day post-workout. 

Functional workout leggings

No workout is complete without a pair of functional bottoms that will offer a full range of motion and keep you dry throughout the workout. A pair of top-quality workout leggings is all you need to stay trendy and make the most of your training session. Neon colours have taken over the world, so make sure you look for bold yellow and orange hues to stay trendy. From high-waisted to mid-rise and low-cut leggings, go with ones that flatter your figure the most and make you feel comfortable in your skin as you pump that iron. Sportswear sets are trending too, so be sure to match the colour and design of your leggings with the colour of the top and create a stunning workout outfit.

Biker shorts

Shorter than leggings but equally functional, biker shorts are another trend that every fitness lover will have to add to their athleisure collection. Offering the same range of motion and making sure you feel comfortable during every push-up, sit-up or lunge, your favourite biker shorts will now be an unavoidable part of every summer exercise routine. Available in a range of colours and patterns you will be able to make your workouts a lot more fun with a vibrantly designed pair of biker shorts. 


Once the weather cools off slightly, you’ll need a warmer top to prevent you from catching a cold on a breezy morning when you go for your regular jog. Don’t be fooled by the morning sun, but avoid making the biggest mistake and getting outside in only a t-shirt no matter how warm it may seem to be. We suggest you add windbreakers to your gym wear collection to protect your body from the elements. From white to light grey, and black, you can keep your athleisure simple with classic colours. Alternatively, you can go for vibrant colours and a modern design to make your every move memorable and more entertaining. 


Are you more of a one-piece kind of athlete? In that case, you’re going to love the next 2022 sportswear trend — the jumpsuit. The bold sweat breaker in you will feel ever so brave and determined to pump that iron in this ballet-inspired piece. Be it a onesie or a unitard, a one-piece jumpsuit will look fabulous while allowing you to make the most of your workouts. From discretely black to vibrantly red, you’ll have the chance to be noticed and tighten those muscles in your favourite jumpsuit. 

Final thoughts

Making sure you look trendy in the streets and while you work out proves that you love to follow trends and always stick up to date with fashion. So, to show everyone you’re ready for 2022, start updating your sportswear collection with the previously mentioned hot fitness fashion trends for 2022. Whether you decide to work out at home or take your workouts outside, you’ll stay trendy, stylish and show everyone you’re the one to look up to when building a gym wear collection of the hour.

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