5 Must Have Accessories For Fall

Fall is here in full swing and we are here to introduce just three must-have accessories for this season! When a new season comes around, it is common to want to buy lots of new things, however that isn’t always affordable, so we’re here with five staples that you can wear every year throughout fall without fail. From jewellery to knitwear and head accessories, you will be covered this fall so that you can look and feel amazing all season long. So, we know you’ll be eager to find out what they are, so let’s get into it!

Travel Lover’s Travel Mugs

A fresh new nature lover’s travel mug has arrived! Find all your favorite National Parks and take them with you wherever you go with a super high quality engraved travel mugs from Well Told Design. They come in a 12, 16 or 20oz size and they keep your drinks uber hot or cold for hours! The engraving is super detailed with information about the park, when it was established and its size.

As a rare bonus, these mugs are actually really easy to clean and don’t hold onto smells so you can switch between coffee, ice tea and red bull in the same day. Amazing for daily use and for sparking conversations about your travels or aspirations. For the explorer, store your snacks in it before you go through security at the airport and have it ready for that half hour line at Starbucks before you head to your gate!

An amazing gift for the traveler or yourself – and it helps you hold true to your pledge to be more green and use fewer plastic cups and straws. We should all have a couple of these in our arsenal!

An Ear Stack

In the Fall months, you’re starting to wrap up warm and so your bracelets, rings and necklaces might not shine through like they do throughout the rest of the year. So, one thing you can do to really bring your outfit to life is to upgrade your ear stack! By ear stack, we mean stacking different earrings along the lobe and up the side of the ear. Ideally you would have a few different piercings so you can wear things like tragus earrings or daith earrings, however you could get some clip ons for furthering your ears and no one will know the difference! 

Try to stick to all one metal, either gold or silver, then go for a mixture of more dainty earrings and then statement ones to really create a beautiful ear stack that will help to accesorise your whole outfit! We know it can be quite fiddly changing your piercings often, so we would always opt for solid gold or sterling silver, then you can keep most of them in all the time without having to worry about them tarnishing, and then you can just change perhaps your lobe piercings depending on what you’re wearing. 

This is such a great way of accessorising throughout the fall months!

Plant Based Hand Sanitizer

Every year millions of Americans travel to places both inside and outside the borders of the United States, for vacation, for work, or to visit family and friends. There are a few things that every traveler should have when traveling in the world today.

More and more, COVID restrictions are being loosened and completely dropped, though at least a few things have just become integrated into society, like the availability of sanitizer in shops, bathrooms and given out on planes, however It’s a good idea to always carry sanitizer for those situations where a public one isn’t available. Every time I open a door, every time I touch various products on a shelf and get back into my car or walk on to another location, I use a few squirts of sanitizer. Not only a painless habit to get into but there are sanitizers made to be used many times a day, moisturizing your hands, lasting weeks and smelling amazing. Our favorite since 2021 has been those created by PlaneAire. They have wipes, sanitizing sprays and the most common pump driven style in a size you can easily take on a plane or fit in your purse. My favorite scents are the fruits however they also come in minty or herbal scents! All Plant Based!

A Nude and Black Chequered Scarf 

Next up on our list we have a nude and black chequered scarf. This is both practical and stylish, as it will help to keep you warm on the cooler fall days or the cold fall nights, but the two tonal design will make sure that it looks beautiful with most of your different outfits! You can wear it just wrapped around your neck as more of a fashion accessory, or when you need to stay really warm, then you can wrap it around a few times or put the scarf around the front of your neck and then bring the two ends back round to the front for a really cosy finish that also looks really cute with any coat. This is such a simple way to enhance everyday looks!

This scarf really can go with anything, but we especially love it with a skirt, tights, boots, turtleneck jumper and long overcoat, as it just looks so beautiful and it’s the perfect outfit for fall. 


Last but certainly not least, we have headbands! Fall can be a weird time, as it might not yet be cold enough to wear a hat but you still want to have that cute addition to any outfit, which is why a headband is perfect. They are really in style at the minute, as they are chic and fun but also help to add something to your hair when you don’t have much time to style it! There are endless options when it comes to styles, but we personally love a tie front headband or an embellished one with pearls or sparkles to make a statement! 

You can wear a headband when your hair is down, in a ponytail or in a bun, so you have so many options no matter the occasion. From chilled brunches out to cocktail parties, you can dress this accessory up or down for any occasion, which is why it had to make our list of essential fall accessories!

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