5 Pairs of Summer Shoes Suitable for the Great Outdoors

Temperatures are rising with each passing day, serving as a reminder that summer will be in full force before we know it! With that being said, it’s essential that your wardrobe is up to par with the latest summer fashions. But before you go out splurging on the newest trends spotted on your favorite celebrity, you should think about what your summer will consist of.

In the case of many, summertime is full of outdoor activities. Whether you’re simply choosing to ride your bike to your destination instead of driving, or you’re on a weekend getaway, it’s important that your summer fashion includes items that are both practical and stylish. That’s especially true when it comes to shoes.

Don’t be that guy who wears his stark white sneakers to an outdoor barbecue—you’ll look ridiculous trying to tread lightly to keep them clean. Instead, dress for the occasion and season with some of the shoe choices below that were designed to look good and withstand the elements of the great outdoors. Leave those brogues at home and try some of these casual kicks for laid-back summer style.

1. Slip-ons

Available in all kinds of flexible fabrics, slip-ons are the ultimate easy-to-wear summer shoe. Mesh slip-ons would allow lots of breathing room, or you can wear a tried-and-true canvas pair. This simple footwear choice is a great go-to for summer days with no real plan, when you’re just relaxing outdoors and enjoying the moment.

Slip on Shoes on the Beach

2. Boat shoes

For a shoe that looks a little more polished than the chill appeal of a slip-on, consider boat shoes. These casual shoes look great with shorts, which deem it one of the best summer shoe options. Driving that point home is Lyst, who says you’ll have summer covered when you’ve got boat shoes in your closet. With a rubber sole and laces, it’s easy to see why it’s a summertime staple for many—and there are canvas options available, so you can stay away from leather, too.

Men's Boat Shoes

201605202023451203. Trainers

Every guy needs a good pair of athletic shoes, so it’s important yours are up to par. Depending on the activities you enjoy, you should have a pair of trainers that fits the activity. For the outdoorsy guy, trainers are essential for their durability. Luckily, they have become quite trendy, meaning interesting styles are out on the market for you to peruse according to your taste.

4. Rain boots

They might seem silly at first, but once you find a solid pair of rain boots that don’t look ridiculous, you’ll be welcoming rainy days with open arms. Summer is notoriously stormy, and it sure would suck to slip and bust your behind when you bolt into a bar. A cool pair listed on Men’s Fitness gives us hope that practicality and style can go hand-in-hand if you truly believe.

Rain boots for men

5. Canvas sneakers

Keep your designer sneakers in the closet for special nights out. For those days you’re walking around an amusement park or exploring a new town, let your feet breathe in cool canvas sneakers. Esquire agrees that canvas is porous and flexible, making sure your feet are happy for long periods of time spent outside. The material can withstand a little perspiration, and they can be washed quite easily.

Canvas Shoes by Toms

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