5 Simple Accessories To Add To Your Wardrobe

If you think your wardrobe is lacking a few key accessories, then we are here to introduce you to five important ones that you can add! These accessories are all really diverse, so no matter if you are in need of a bag, jewellery or scarves, we’ve got you covered. You will never struggle to find that finishing touch to any outfit with these essentials. 

Black Cross Body Bag

The first accessory in our list might be a simple one, but an absolute essential that you will reach for time after time! A simple black cross body bag is ideal for everything from days out to nights out and everything in between. Go for a small to medium size bag, so that you can fit everything in that you need to but it will still be small enough to take out in the evening without looking too large. 

You could go for a completely plain bag and strap, go for a metallic strap or perhaps a cushion design for the outside. The other great thing about this is that you can find the right choice for you, whether your budget is £10 or £10,000. 

Wear your bag with dresses, suits, tracksuits, skirts and anything else. With a black cross body bag in your wardrobe, you will never struggle to find the right choice to finish off your outfit. 

Gold Stacking Rings

Next up we have gold stacking rings! Sometimes necklaces and bracelets can get lost if you wear high neck tops or long sleeves, so gold stacking rings are the perfect solution to make sure that you always have the right accessory on hand (sorry, bad joke). 

As with the bag, this is ideal as you can find something to suit your style and budget. Perhaps you choose a few simple rings and then add a gold emerald ring to the mix if your budget is slightly bigger and you want to add some colour. Or, create some differentiation between the rings by choosing some slightly thinner and some thicker. You can also decide how to spread the rings across your hands, with 2-3 per hand being the perfect amount to achieve balance. 

If you are struggling to find an extra detail to add to your outfit, then gold stacking rings are always a good choice. These can of course be swapped with silver if you tend to wear more silver jewellery! 

Small Gold Hoops

Now, to compliment our gold stacking rings, we have small gold hoops! As with the rings, these can of course be swapped with silver if that is the metal you wear more often. 

With hoops, if you go too big, it can be difficult to style them for the daytime. So, going for a smaller hoop will give you more options when it comes to styling! Plus, an understated gold hoop can look beautiful in the evening as well as throughout the day. 

Like with the rings, you will always be able to see hoops no matter what you are wearing, so they are a great option to have on hand. Keep it simple with a classic hoop or go for a slightly more intricate design. With a beautiful pair of hoops to go with your stacking rings, you know how to accessorize every outfit! 

Nude and Black Checkered Scarf

For the cooler months, having a beautiful and warm scarf on hand is an essential accessory in your winter wardrobe. So, we love a nude and black checkered scarf! With this colour combination, you will find it so easy to match it with an outfit. No matter if the outfit is more nude toned or black toned, this just seems to go! If you like to wear particularly bold outfits with different patterns, having either a plain black or plain nude scarf might be a better idea. 

Statement Sunglasses

Last but not least, we have a pair of statement sunglasses! This is a must throughout the summer months, whether you wear them on top of your head, wear them normally or just have them in your bag for the super sunny days. 

The style of your sunglasses is hard to suggest, as every face shape suits different types of sunnies. If you know the style you love, that’s great, otherwise head to a sunglass shop and try on a few different styles to see what suits you! 

Black and brown tortoiseshell sunglasses look amazing and with the combination of the two colours, it is easy to style them with any outfit.

Featured Photo by nappy from Pexels

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