5 Style Tips for the Fit Woman

Fitness and fashion have always had a relationship because whether we like to admit it or not, fitter people can wear almost anything. However, what about styling while you are on the run or at the gym? Should you really care about fashion at all during the actual sessions? Or should all your energy be focused on the training itself? The fact is, you can do both with the help of the following style tips that will not only make your workouts more fruitful but will also make you look good while you are at it.

Tie Up Your Hair Before Going on Runs

It may look great on TV or in the movies, but it is neither ideal nor fashionable to run with your hair down. If you are serious about your workouts then your run will eventually make you sweat and managing long, sweaty hair is not something that you should have to concentrate on at the gym. Besides, there are so many awesome hairstyles available for runners to choose from that it makes no sense to run with your hair down, even from a fashion standpoint.

Wear a Fitbit

Fitbit is an American company that has been dedicated to manufacturing fashionable activity trackers for fitness enthusiasts ever since 2007, so they pretty much have the best products in the category, both in terms of maximizing your workout sessions and style quotient. Go through the reviews of the best Fitbit on the market for women before choosing the product that’s right for you because there are quite a lot of Fitbits around these days!


Breathable Fabric

As you work out, you will automatically be sweating because that’s how the body cools down. However, whatever it is that you are wearing needs to be made up of breathable fabric or you will be losing more water than you should through sweating. As it’s also about fashion, the last thing you would want is for your t-shirt to show too many sweat stains. Going with black is probably the safest bet here, but stain resistant running gear often comes in a lot of other colors.

Experiment with Colors

If you are running in the middle of a particularly hot and humid day for some reason, you should avoid darker shades as they tend to heat up the body more. Aside from that though, there are no restrictions whatsoever in terms of choosing a color to wear during your workout, so feel free to experiment with color combos as much as you wish.


Get the Right Shoes

Shoe shopping is no trivial matter for the fashion-conscious lady, but while choosing something that you will actually be wearing at the gym or during your outdoor runs, choose your shoe based on what you are going to do during your workout sessions and your foot type. You are still free to experiment with colors and there is certainly no lack of options in the sports shoe department either.
If you managed to tick all the boxes on this list, know that you have just managed to combine fitness and style into one slick and sexy package.

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