5 Sustainable Products To Introduce To Friends and Family

With spring right around the corner, it is a perfect time to practice healthy and mindful habits so that you can adapt to an eco-friendly routine. So many of the activities or chores that we do on a daily basis create much more waste than we realize. Choosing to shop sustainably is a huge way to not only benefit the planet but your own lifestyle as well. Although it’s true that one person can make a big difference, why not include your family and friends in the fun? The more the merrier! 

Reusable Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways we can take care of ourselves throughout the day. On average, an adult drinks around three liters of water a day, which adds up to quite a lot of plastic throughout the week. A great way to ditch single-use plastic water bottles is to invest in a reusable alternative. There are also so many different sizes and colors to choose from, so it’s a great object to personalize. Another excellent bonus is that many reusable bottles come with filtration technology to guarantee pure and perfect hydration. 

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With the rise of so many fast fashion companies, it is extremely important to remember to shop sustainably. While the cheap prices and trendy styles can be tempting, it’s crucial to focus on the brands that have started using recycled, organic, and even vegan materials in the clothes that they produce. Other great ways to shop sustainably include shopping second-hand or investing in pieces that you know will last multiple years. Although it may be a bit more expensive than fast fashion, it is important to remember that your investment goes a long way— both in your closet and for the planet. 

Blue-Light Glasses

Just like clothing, many brands have also begun to use conscious practices when making accessories too. With so many of us spending time looking at digital screens throughout the day, it is vital that we remember to take care of our eyes. A great way to preserve your eyes throughout the day is to use blue light glasses to reduce digital eye strain. There are sustainable and affordable blue light glasses online that will enhance your look while protecting your eyesight and the environment.

Shampoo Bars

For the most part, our most used toiletries come in single-use plastic bottles. One of the most common is shampoo. A great way to combat those large and bulky plastic bottles is to invest in a shampoo bar. These bars are great because they decrease plastic usage, save shower space, and are perfect for traveling. They’re also much lighter on your hair since it isn’t in the form of a liquid, which is beneficial for almost all hair types. 

Reusable Shopping Bags

If you haven’t hopped on this trend already, you should get on it! Eight states have already banned single-use plastic to encourage consumers to shop more responsibly. A great feature about reusable bags is that not only do they serve a purpose by saving the environment, but you can use them for many other occasions too. Since they mainly are designed to transport groceries, they’re extremely durable and can double as a tote or transport bag for all of your shopping needs.

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