5 Tips on How to Build a Beauty Business

Hair and beauty are more than just a hobby or interest to some of us; in many areas there are more beauty salons opening than any other type of business. As such, this means it’s an incredibly competitive market and so it’s becoming more difficult than ever to stand out from the crowd.  If you’ve just launched your own beauty business or are looking to get started, we’ve put together some tips to help below.

Build a Website

There is an increasing need to have an online presence these days no matter what kind of company you own.  In the beauty industry – the ability for the customer to be able to make an appointment online conveniently is essential and could lead them to choose you over a competitor who doesn’t offer this option.  Having a website will also legitimize your business and give people useful information such as opening hours, location, services you offer and prices. If you make beauty products, you might consider a platform that already has a great amount of traffic and marketing, like Etsy or Amazon. Learning how to sell on Amazon is useful for any business owner’s tool belt.

Generate a Social Media Fan Base

Using social media mediums is essential in marketing these days.  As a beauty business – you should look to focus on the most visual platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  You can reach large audiences organically if you post regularly, and if you do paid ad campaigns – you can get even better results.  You can use these channels to showcase what you can do such as before/after pictures etc.  You could also try posting out video tutorials which will add value to the user.

Keep up with Beauty Trends

Beauty is a fast-evolving industry – so there is always something trending.  For example, microblading is something that’s becoming increasingly popular these days.  If you don’t already do that, you can consider getting microblading training to brush up on your skills.  You can find courses by visiting Ink Defined who also sell microblading supplies if this turns out to be a service you want to provide to your clients. Ink Defined’s courses even come with a master ink artist kit which is valued at $750 if you were looking for an even bigger insentive to sign up!

Use 3rd Party Review Sites

Nothing builds up trust in a brand than positive feedback from customers.  As well as Facebook, make sure you have Google My Business and perhaps something like Trustpilot set up where your customers can leave a star rating and comment on their experience at your business.  This kind of thing is what can set you apart from others. One thing that you do need to do is always respond to a review whether it’s positive or negative – that way, people will know that you take customer services seriously.

Use Email Marketing

If a customer has already visited your salon – email marketing is a great way to reach out to them again.  As long as they have consented to receive emails from you, you can let them know about the latest deals and offers you have on the go – or if there is a new service you are providing.   There are some great free platforms that you can use such as MailChimp to get you started.

If you are thinking of opening a beauty business – or you are looking to make it grow – then hopefully these top tips will have helped you.  

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