6 Fashion Tips For Men To Up Their Office Look

Attention All Guys! The Fashion Laws You Should not Ignore To Make the Right Impression At Work

Style is important. Looks are usually is the first thing that people judge you on. Does your dress code exuberate confidence or is it lackluster? Does your wardrobe convey a certain social awareness or are you always incorrectly dressed?  Do you find yourself staring cluelessly at your closet without the faintest idea how to create a winning look for work?


Worry no more.


Whether you are dressing down for Casual Friday or sharpening your look for a killer meeting, we have got the six must-follow fashion rules that will help you out. These six tips will leave bring your wardrobe one step closer to radiating confidence, creativity and power.


1) The Tyrannosaurus Tie!

No-one really wears ties anymore but if it is a requirement for your position, think big, bold and eye-catching! Leave the dull prints behind and don’t be afraid to choose a design that roars for attention. Men of power and style frequently wear ties that stand out and you should too!


2) Style it up!

The clothes you wear to work tell half the story; spare a moment or two to consider your accessories. Whether you opt for a pocket square, two-toned celtic rings or classy cuff-links, it is all about adding a personal touch. Choose to have a subtle initial dabbed here and there, or a hidden monogram; this is your chance to combine personality with professionalism.


3) Discover New Territory!

Confidence businessman in suit standing

It is effortless to slip into the same old togs every week, but if you want to dominate the style arena, you will need to be braver. Shrug off the old you and don’t be afraid to try out something entirely new. Venture into new fashion territories such as the Van Heusen range of formal wear, with modern cuts and silhouettes (and no, we do not mean high heels) or explore the realm of vintage fashion; you will look amazing!


4) Step Into Action!

It’s no use sprucing up your appearance if you stop paying attention by the time you reach your ankles. Your feet deserve a bit of TLC too and that means getting funky with your footwear. If Oxfords just don’t do it for you, don’t be afraid to break the mold and kick back with some classic Vans.


5) Become a Butterfly!

There should be a shift between daywear and nightwear; even if you have to be formal in the office, you should not be afraid to emerge from your corporate chrysalis at night. Keep office wear uncomplicated and straightforward and for the evening, lose the tie, unbutton a button, and aim for a relaxed vibe.


6) Allow Yourself to be Inspired!

The greatest men have mentors. They are humble and look to others for inspiration. While there are certain “rules” to style, there’s much to be said for gaining inspiration from elsewhere. Check out Twitter and Instagram accounts of men whose style you admire, and you will soon be throwing together your own sharp looks.

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