6 Ways to Dress Up A Basic Black T-Shirt

The term “basic” has gotten a lot of flak over the years. In fact, it’s almost an insult to be referred to as such. But the truth is, basic is a pretty great starting point when it comes to fashion. Keeping it simple gifts you the opportunity to spin an outfit any way you want. Dress it up, dress it down, or show world something it’s never seen before.

A black t-shirt is essentially your painter’s canvas for showing off your innate style and flare. Whether your taste is rocker chic, cute and preppy, edgy, or bohemian goddess, you can demonstrate this effortlessly with one great fitting tee and a few other pieces.

So, let’s check out the six ways you can dress up your black t-shirt so that you look anything but basic.

Statement Necklace

Thanks to the classic black backdrop of your t-shirt, you can ensure that your necklace is the center of attention. For an edgier feel, seek out lace or velvet chokers. Want something simple? A sweet gold chain with a dainty pendant is perfect. But of course, sometimes in life, you really want to stand out. Look for a unique and eye-catching statement necklace in your favorite material and style, whether gold, sterling silver, colourful beads, or with pearl or gemstone embellishments. This simple addition will really show off your eye for fashion. Want to go bold? Go ahead and mix-and-match layered necklaces of all different lengths and styles for real trend-forward accessorizing. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, fabrics, or lengths. This is all about having fun and playing around with the pieces.

Rock it Out

Go ahead and tell the barkeep to put another dime in the jukebox, baby, because you’re so rock-n-roll in this black tee and faux leather jacket combo. Black ensembles on their own are already a little edgy, but don’t be afraid to take things up a notch. You don’t have to fight for your right to look this rocker chic. Simply drape the jacket over your shoulders without putting your arms in it. This will solidify your too-cool to be bothered vibe. If you’re not into faux leather, you can still create an edgy vibe by pairing the black shirt with a silk bomber. Choose a bomber in black, millennial pink, or dare to be bold and brave in white!

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Cali Cool

Distressed denim and a simple top are such a powerful combo. Despite both being a great go-to for many women, together they combine to create this Cali cool vibe. But you don’t have to live in Venice Beach to get this look. Pair your black tee with distressed light wash jeans and be amazed by how all your troubles simply disappear. That’s the power of California style. If this is a little too simple for you, dress it up with some jewelry. Layer different length necklaces or glam up with some colorful arm candy. Don’t forget that hats are still really popular and in-trend right now. Wide-brimmed fedoras and baseball caps are perfect for those days when you’ve just rolled out of bed and need to hide your bed head.

Keep it Chill

So, maybe you’re not a jewelry kind of girl. Can’t be bothered with the commitment or weight of all that bling hanging off your body. No worries! You can be as free as the wind and still liven up that black shirt by adding colorful floral layers. Light, airy, and perfect for keeping things relaxed, a kimono cardigan takes your tee from basic to boho chic. This is the perfect piece for those cool summer nights where a denim jacket is too heavy and a sweatshirt just isn’t really your vibe. Layering is an airy way to stay the perfect temperature so that you can be free to go wherever the wind blows and be stunning doing it.  

Legs for Days

Let your legs be the star of the show and dress your black tee up with a cute mini. You can tuck the top into the skirt or tie it up and bare a little midriff if you dare. Choose a mini that is pleated, denim, high-waisted or even a wrap skirt. Complete the ensemble with a solid colored, silk bomber. You can pair this outfit with open or closed toe shoes, depending on both your taste and the weather. Or keep things casual with a pair of white Converse or checkered Vans.

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