7 Excellent Reasons To Start Planning Your Next Vacation Now

“Simply put, we both feel that this was the best, most interesting, and most rewarding trip we have ever taken. (In my case, that includes travel in more than 38 countries, over 57 years.)” – David and Abigail, Michigan, on The Nation’s trip to Cuba

Travel is kind of our thing, and to tell the truth, we’re also kind of history nerds, among other things. Taking a fulfilling trip to a far off land can be so much more fulfilling than lying in a beach. Opening ones mind to other cultures and places is the entire reason I started traveling. I grew up in some pretty small towns and even as a small child National Geographic was my favorite read, Travel shows my favorite watch, and meeting people unlike myself was important to me.

When I learned about these tours from The Nation.Travels, I found like minded people with something larger than food and relaxation in mind for their traveler’s experience. Tours that expose you to places and things you may know little about, and count yourself a unique and fascinating person if you experience one of these trips. Traveling to learn is also a great way to avoid post vacation lag in the office of work space, your mind if fresh and stimulated with tons of new information that will last you a lifetime and give you perspectives you never thought possible.

Of the below tour locations, I’ve only yet been to the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis ,Tennessee, featured in the US Civil Rights itinerary. We’ve been all around the US, South America, Europe, UK, and I still count that museum as the most fulfilling and educational I’ve ever been to – I’d even call it life changing. I can only imagine the effect of the full ‘US Civil Rights’ tour, and once it’s not booked up, I hope to take part in 2019!  I would also love to visit Petra and South Africa, everywhere really, but those are definitely in my top 5.

Take a look at this list of some of the best tours they offer (tours that that are currently making me despise my office chair more than usual). I hope they have the same effect on you!





Iran: Crossroads and Complexities

September 5 – 17, 2018

“We loved getting a glimpse of a fascinating country. The people we encountered were so friendly and welcoming!”
–Iran 2017 Traveler

This carefully crafted program focuses on the cultural richness and magnificent beauty of Iran while providing an opportunity, through conversation and engagement, to get a better sense of the country’s future and to experience the warmth of the Iranian people.


• Explore four important cities—Tehran, Isfahan, Kashan, and Shiraz—visiting preeminent museums, bazaars, and religious and historical sites.

• Discuss environmental issues with staff from the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation, who work to protect Iran’s environment and endangered species.

• Visit Persepolis, the capital of the Achaemenian Empire and one of the most spectacular archaeological sites remaining from the ancient world.

• Learn about the ancient art of carpet weaving and how it is a reflection of Persian history and culture during a visit to the Carpet Museum of Iran.

• And much more! See the full itinerary.


NEW! South Africa: Beyond Apartheid

September 22 – October 3, 2018

Immerse yourself in the South Africa rarely seen on tours with this very special Nationitinerary. Our 11-day program features lectures and meetings with journalists, activists, artists, and entrepreneurs and guided tours with veterans of the anti-apartheid struggle.


• Enjoy in-depth explorations of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Soweto, including such sites as Robben Island, acclaimed District Six and Apartheid Museum, and the Origins Center.

• Explore Constitution Hill, the Women’s Gaol, and Number Four prison with author and journalist Mark Gevisser and retired Judge Albie Sachs, a veteran of the anti-apartheid struggle.

• Participate in a roundtable discussion with political analysts, journalists and authors including Eusebius McKeiser, Karima Brown, Prince Mashele, and Steven Friedman.

• Meet with leaders of the South African Human Rights Commission.

• Spend two nights at the incomparable Thornybush Waterside Lodge where we will embark on safari drives in search of the “Big Five.”

• And much more! See the full itinerary.


NEW! Jordan and the Politics and Culture of the Middle East

October 14 – 24, 2018

Delve into the critical issues facing Jordan and its neighbors while exploring the country’s unique beauty, stunning antiquities, and Bedouin culture in this safe haven in the middle of complex regional politics.


• Attend a lecture with Mouin Rabbani, a distinguished analyst, journalist, and senior fellow at the Institute for Palestine Studies, on the complex geopolitical issues facing the Middle East.

• Learn about the refugee situation in a discussion with staff from the Near East Foundation, the longest standing organization serving refugees in the region.

• Experience one of the most exquisite sites of the ancient world, Petra.

• Participate in a discussion with a representative of Human Rights Watch about priority issues in the country including: freedom of expression, limitations on NGO operation, refugee rights, and citizenship restrictions.

• And much more! See the full itinerary.




“The opportunity to travel with The Nation was truly life-changing. I have a very different perspective on Russia than from before I went” – Joy R., Chapel Hill, NC

Visit St. Petersburg and Moscow on this singular experience that focuses on the people, politics, culture, and history of Russia and on its complex relationship with the West.

August 27–September 7, 2018 | See Full Itinerary


US Civil Rights: On the Road to Freedom – Jackson, Little Rock, Memphis, Selma, Birmingham, and Montgomery

“What a wonderful and deeply moving, insightful trip!!” – Bruce S., Greensboro, NC

Visit iconic sites of the civil rights movement, meet with people who played a role in US history, and witness firsthand the spirit that continues to inspire today’s fights for justice.

September 30–October 7, 2018 | SOLD OUT
October 14–21, 2018 | See Full Itinerary


Vietnam: Renaissance and Reconciliation

“It was a wonderful and fascinating trip for which I am very grateful. We usually travel alone, but this group and tour were terrific.” – David, St. Louis, MO

Travel to Ho Chi Minh City, discover the ancient capital of Huế, visit the DMZ, explore Hanoi, and so much more as we delve into the rich history and culture of this resilient country.

November 2–14, 2018 | See Full Itinerary


Cuba: Havana to Trinidad

“This trip exceeded my expectations and is at the top of my list of best travel experiences. Traveling with a group of like-minded people was also a plus.” – Cuba 2018 Traveler

Visit two UNESCO World Heritage sites, learn about architectural-restoration efforts, attend performances, hear from journalists, and experience the energy and beauty of Old Havana.

November 3–10, 2018 | See Full Itinerary

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