7 Tips for Men to Stay Up To Date with the Latest Fashion & Style


You want to quickly leave for a party after leaving the office but you have no clue what to wear, so you show up in your formals with a shirt and a tie. Really?!

This needs to stop right away!!

There are so many young men, and many have no idea about fashion and styling. So in spite of their good looks they end up looking unattractive or dull.

That being said, let us go through some style tips men must stick to while wearing their tees –

1. Keep it simple

The first and the foremost thing to do are keeping it simple at most times. Plain is ‘in’. You won’t believe but plain tees leave more impact than those with lots of prints. So the rule of thumb is when in doubt, opt for a plain tee, collared or round neck, take your pick and pair it with plain trousers. A solid fit t-shirt and trouser is again make great look and impress.

Pop that collar

2. Stay notch above with a Henley Tee

A Henley tee is a collarless and classic alternative to tees. It got its name from the rowers in the English town of Henley-on- Thames who has this as a part of their uniform.

So gentlemen, if you want to look classy and polished, Henley should be your pick. They look great with casual loafers.Men's Henley Tee

3. Stay sharp with a polo

Polo tee shirts are great for corporate as well as casual day outs. They have always been in trend no matter what! For a sharp and refined look, impress your boss and everyone around you with a polo tee-shirt.

Men's polo shirt style

4. Clothes with logos

Invest in a good quality purchase. Before buying a tee with a big logo of coca cola or something, ask yourself. Does it complement your personal style? Or are you wearing it just because it is the new ‘it’ thing? Instead, buy a nice V-neck tee or something artsy.

5. Invest in superb pair of shoes

If you didn’t know already, let us break the news. A man of taste is known by the shoes he wears. Invest in a really incredible pair of shoes that make you stand apart from the crowd. Always look for the one that matches your wardrobe. Play with neutral colors as they go with every bottom. Also, a slip-on is a must-have considering latest fashion.

6. Find the right fit

While shopping for denim, always look for the one with the right fit. Perfectly fit denim would neither be loose or too tight. It should simply have a snug fit. So the next time you are going for denim shopping, first look for the one that complements your style – flared, narrow, straight fit or others. Try that denim and see if you need a belt or not. Ideally, you should need a belt to keep it from being dragged down or you should not struggle to clasp the button. Either of them!

7. The power of details

They say the last thing on someone is usually the first thing you noticed. So always mind the details. All these little details come up and make a major part of your outfit. In fact, they are what make the outfit come together. So take care of the details like the pocket square, your tie knot, cufflinks or scarf.

The Bottom line

Dressing appropriately and staying top notch above the trends is possible with the above listed 7 fashion tips. Next time, make a huge impression on those around you with the use of these valuable tips and stay ahead of the fashion and nonetheless your peers.


Blog contributor: Sophia Harris

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