7 Ways To Avoid Last Minute Prom Mishaps

Sherri-Hill-Short-Sherri_Hill_32335_navy__11There’s so much work that goes into creating the perfect prom ensemble –the bag, the dress, the accessories, the perfect hairdo, the makeup, and more. There are just so many elements to coordinate for one night. With all this to worry over, there’s always the stress of getting it all wrong. You definitely don’t want to be a prom disaster and not know it until you see the photos.


If you’re reading this you may have already picked out classic homecoming dresses for 2015 and you’re on your way to prom perfection. So to take a whole lot of stress out of the big night, we’ve put together seven of the most common prom fashion errors and how to avoid those last minute prom mishaps!

 1. Overloading on the Sparkle

Glitter-Paper-520x390Sequins, glitter, and jewels – they might all be on your dream prom dress. In many boutiques you’ll even be hard-pressed to find a dress without some sort of sparkle. The problem arises when there is a sparkle overload. That’s when you pair a sequin covered dress, for example, with massive glittery bangles or a glittery bag or even bejeweled heels that are just too much. Leave the sparkle to prom dresses for 2016 by Peaches Boutique and keep accessories neutral and somewhat subdued. That way you’re assured your dress will be the main talking point and you won’t be blinding everyone on the dance floor. Accidentally sprayed too much glitter on yourself, your dress, and everything else? Rub it off gently with a soft, damp cloth.

open back dress2. Showing Too Much Skin

A little bit of skin is okay. But be sure to adhere to your school’s dress code. A low-cut dress with side cut outs and a slit up to the thigh is not going to be rendered as appropriate. It’s just too much. Choose one part of your body to tastefully show off such as your arms and chest in a strapless dress or your stomach with cut-outs or even your legs with a short slit or hem. A little skin can be very classy. Too much skin is just the opposite. If you’ve put your dress on and forgotten just how much skin is showing on the night, grab an elegant shawl to cover up with and add to your classy style.

The Canadian Tuxedo Ladies and Gentlemen...3. Too Much Matching

Sure you may love hot pink, but hot pink dress, shoes, heels, bag and jewelry is way too much. It’s going to make people stare and not in a nice way. If you didn’t realize this until getting ready for prom, root around in the cupboard for a neutral bag or ditch the jewelry.

4. Not Enough Matching

Did you throw your prom outfit together at the last minute? Does it look like you did? Try and grab a few well-matched accessories and avoid mixing prints and clashing colors.

5. Don’t Get Caught Out Underdressed

ad7ea3390059a6a8fc6cac33ee42fb60Proms tend to be formal affairs. What does your invitation say about the dress code? Fancy mini dresses and floor-length gowns are usually acceptable but you should take note of the fabric too. Taffeta, silks, and luxury fabrics will be fine but stay away from casual fabrics, linens, jerseys, and cottons.

6. Being Overdressed

While formal dresses are usually fine for prom, check the school’s dress code. You don’t want to arrive with long white gloves and an over-the-top gown if everyone else is going to be semi-formal.

7. Ill-Fitting Dresses

If your dress seems to be too small or too big, a little more snug around the waist or has a dragging hem, have it tailored beforehand to avoid on-the-night emergencies. It’s worth spending a little to avoid looking like your swimming in fabric, have squeezed into the dress, or risk having a strap break or seam bust. Remember to pick a style that flatters your body type.

Follow these seven tips to avoid last minute dress emergencies on the night of your prom!


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