7 Ways to Look Fab at Any Age

Looking fab isn’t about age. It’s about how you interact with the world! What are you saying with the way you choose to dress and who are you saying it to? What do you want your style to tell people about who you are? 

Dressing is an important element of looking fab but there are many factors contributing to this rarefied status, so we’re going to look at some of the elements involved and how to leverage them. Let’s talk about 7 ways to look fab at any age!

  1.  Regular Skin Care

Capering tweens in Sephora notwithstanding, having a simple, effective skincare regime in place is one of the pillars of looking fab. Caring for your skin by cleansing and moisturizing needn’t cost the earth, either. Keeping your face clean of environmental contaminants, and then protecting it with a moisture cream that includes sun protection, is the bulk of what your skin needs to flourish. A twice-daily regimen, morning and night, keeps you glowing. Don’t forget to drink enough water and exfoliate no more than twice per week. TIP: Always use a soft-bristle complexion brush to cleanse.

  1. Dress Intuitively 

Fashion anxiety is the gift of our 24/7 media cycle. Forget about it. Instead, spend some time thinking about what you like. What lights you up when you see someone else wearing it? Are you not following suit because of shyness or a belief it won’t look good on you? Stop worrying about that and go try the item on. If you like it, it’s for you. What you like is what you should wear—not what other people tell you to.

Men’s and women’s clothing that you feel good wearing isn’t just about comfort; it’s about feeling good in your public persona. When you dress intuitively, you bring a more positive side of yourself into the public domain, automatically making you look fab!

  1. Celebrate Your Good Stuff

Like the song says: Everybody’s beautiful, so accentuate your positives. If you’ve got great hair, flaunt it. Tall guys, be as tall as you can be. Tower over the madding throng. Just remember to smile! Same for you gals—be who you were born to be without apology! 

Your best features are to be celebrated, so don’t be ashamed to celebrate them! Being humble doesn’t mean not loving yourself and the way you look. Life is to be celebrated and when you look good and know it, you deserve to feel yourself! Don’t ever let anybody tell you there’s anything wrong with loving the way you look and flaunting your best features.

  1. Accessorize

Everything you wear can look brand new and as sharp as a tack with the right accessories!

Color, unusual patterns, shapes, and materials maximize the impact of any accessories you wear. For men, socks that match a tie or a shirt are “go.” And feature that cool timepiece to optimize it! Women, deploy your handbags with intent. Whatever you’re wearing, the handbag that ties it all effortlessly together must be versatile and high quality. You don’t need 10 purses when you have the right one!

  1. A Smile Elevates Your Fabulosity

You get back what you put out. So, when you smile, expect a grinning response. You may not get a smile back from everyone you encounter but the effect is sufficiently reliable to make smiling worth the effort. Exchanging smiles and pleasantries with people spreads goodwill. By simply turning up the corners of your mouth, you’ve immediately made the world a better place (at least temporarily). So, brush those pearly whites and unleash them on the world!

  1.  Wear the Fabulous Color

If you’re afraid to wear color, then it’s time to get over yourself. Nothing looks more fabulous than a punch of vibrant color. While some are reluctant to wear it for fear of “standing out too much,” color is the thin edge of fabulosity, separating the tourists from the permanent residents. 

One great way to acclimate yourself to the joys of wearing glorious colors is with Umgee clothing. Comfortable and easy to wear, the color combinations in the fabrics used are warmly attractive. Adding color to your wardrobe takes your style over the top.

  1. Confidence: So Fab!

The very first rule of looking fabulous at any age, from 19 to 99, is being confident. If you’ve read this far, it’s not hard to see that all the recommendations here are confidence boosters. Sometimes confidence is just a little tweak. Sometimes it’s an attitude adjustment. Sometimes it’s both! 

And your confidence encourages other people in their own confidence. You’re not only doing right by yourself in fostering self-confidence by looking fab, you’re helping others look fab at any age. So, go forth fabulously and spread the fabulosity around!

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